Top Tech Jobs of 2022

According to a recent LaSalle Network survey of more than 220 executives in Finance, Operations and Human Resources, 73% of businesses plan to add headcount in 2022, with IT professionals among the top 3 most in-demand roles.  

As 2022 approaches quickly, and with January historically being the top job-search month, we are about to enter arguably the busiest and most competitive hiring season. We’re sharing some of the most in-demand IT roles and skills job seekers should highlight to set themselves apart. 

  • Software Developer: Apply to a .NET Developer role at a rapidly growing financial services company here 
  • Application Support Analyst: Apply to a role at a top software company downtown Chicago here 
  • Systems Analyst: Apply to an Application Support Analyst role at an international trading firm here 
  • Web Developer: Apply to a Sr. Python Developer role here 
  • Desktop Support Analyst: Apply to a similar IT Service Desk role here 

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Below are six of the most in-demand skills businesses are seeking amongst IT professionals for the year ahead. 

Web Development 

The ability to design and develop web-based software solutions is incredibly valuable today. Specifically, IT professionals with a strong understanding of various coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, and HTML are essential to build and maintain a business’ web applications. 

UI/UX Design 

An increased focus on digitization – especially in the last few years as many businesses operated remotely – has resulted in heightened demand for User Experience designers. The design of websites and digital products is essential to keeping customers engaged. 

IT/Data Security 

With increasing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks, companies are seeking IT professionals who are familiar with modern cybersecurity protocols. This includes not only maintaining anti-malware technology and mitigating risk, but also the ability to communicate well with employees on how they can help keep their information safe.  

Data visualization 

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. 

Data engineering 

Data engineering is the practice of designing and building systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale. As A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning continue to grow, this skill will be ever-more important across all industries.  


Communicating clearly and effectively between the highly technical and non-technical members of the organization is an essential skill for many IT professionals. Being able to explain a complex technical issue so it is easily understood by business leaders is often difficult as it can cause frustration by all parties if done poorly. 

Certifications to consider in order to bolster these and many other skills include the CompTIA Cybersecurity, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC). There are also many other highly valuable, buildable courses covering a wide-range of IT skills online with ISACA

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