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Is your team evolving with it?

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Workforce.

AI-enabled teams are more productive and effective.

For over 25 years, LaSalle has helped dozens of industries adapt to the changes in the workforce. No change has had a greater impact on jobs than AI. As the workforce and technology landscape evolves, LaSalle leads in integrating AI solutions, ensuring you have the talent necessary to implement and adopt the tools, ensuring your business will thrive.
Change is hard without the right partners.
For 25 years, LaSalle Network has been the preferred talent solutions partner for top consulting and accounting firms, as well as leading organizations to ensure blueprints for growth are executed as designed with the right talent strategy. Whether you’re working with companies going through transformation or transition, LaSalle Network will serve as your talent partner, delivering for you every time.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Our staffing solutions help you identify the right people who can stand up your AI toolkit and empower your team with AI strategy. 

AI is its own niche that crosses every vertical.  Let our team help you find cross-functional professionals that can service your organization. 

Across the country, many C-Suites are adding a “Chief AI Officer” to their leadership team.  Let LaSalle’s experts help you find the best person for this new, unique role. 

Areas Of Expertise​

Our dedicated teams of recruiters have developed robust networks of talent. We can help you find the right talent to help implement or drive your AI-forward strategy.

Our team can source developers who custom code AI solutions.  Because we have such a strong network of tech professionals, we have immediate access to top-tier talent that is on the cutting edge of AI. 

In many organizations, AI is being used without strong direction and forward-thinking leadership. Let us help you find strategists who drive AI practices into the team’s roadmap while building operating procedures based on safety, security, privacy, and your company’s values.

When properly implemented, AI can improve productivity on marketing teams by 20-40%.  Rather than hiring a copywriter for your team, let us help you hire a AI-forward marketer who can do much more with much less. 

Traditionally, sifting through massive amounts of data requires massive amounts of resources.  Let us help you source data and analytics professionals that leverage AI to efficiently combine your company’s data with your strategic initiatives.  Within moments – not weeks – your team can begin making key decisions that drive your mission forward. 

Navigating the complex landscape of talent management, LaSalle excels in staffing human resources professionals who not only manage compliance and employee relations but also drive organizational development with AI-enhanced tools. From talent acquisition to strategic workforce planning, our HR experts empower your team with innovative solutions and transformative insights, ensuring your workforce is future-ready.

LaSalle connects you with finance and accounting experts who use AI to enhance accuracy and provide strategic insights quickly. Transform your financial operations with professionals who turn data into actionable intelligence.

Elevate your customer service with professionals skilled in AI tools, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction. LaSalle’s candidates help improve response times and customer retention, driving growth through superior service.


LaSalle can equip your team with project managers who utilize AI tools to streamline project workflows and enhance decision-making. These professionals are trained to manage projects efficiently, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery while adapting to dynamic market conditions. Let us help you find project managers who can drive your projects forward with precision and strategic oversight.

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We combine bespoke staffing and recruiting solutions with a robust network of talent, and comprehensive industry insights to help you achieve your objectives in the evolving workplace.​

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