Top Accounting & Finance Jobs Hiring in 2022

According to a recent LaSalle Network survey of more than 200 executives in Finance, Operations and Human Resources, 73% of businesses plan to add headcount in 2022, with 32% planning to add headcount within their accounting and finance team.  

As 2022 approaches quickly, and with January historically being the top job search month, we are about to enter arguably the busiest and most competitive hiring season. We’re sharing some of the most in-demand finance roles, and skills job seekers should highlight to set themselves apart.  

  • Controller: Apply to a Fund Controller role at a national consulting firm here.  
  • Financial Manager: Apply to a Finance Manager role at a rapidly growing professional services firm here.  
  • Financial Analyst: Apply to a Financial Treasury Analyst role at a leading manufacturing company here 
  • Accounting Manager: Apply to an Accounting Manager role at a Chicago non-profit here 
  • Accountant: Apply for a Senior Staff Accountant position at a boutique real estate investment/private equity company here 
  • Auditor: Apply for an Entry-Level Staff Accountant role at a growing financial services firm here 

Learn more about top accounting and finance roles and view more opportunities here. Below are four of the most in-demand skills businesses are looking for in their financial team in 2022. 

Software Certifications 

The recent increased focus on digitization and automation has encouraged more hiring managers to look for financial professionals with IT skills and certifications to leverage their preferred financial systems. Candidates who can demonstrate competency in predictive analytics, accounting automation, data visualization and/or accounting software are likely to stand out as top candidates. If candidates have attended relevant courses or ascertained certifications in these areas, they should include them on a resume and in the skills and certification portion of a LinkedIn profile.  

Job seekers should highlight specific software they are familiar with, such as QuickBooks, Tableau or Python. While looking to gain new skills or certifications, consider utilizing LinkedIn Learning for courses on any of the aforementioned software or visit the websites of each to find relevant how-to guides or videos introducing the basics of each product. 

Those considering pursuing certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) should highlight their intention to do so on a resume or in an interview, in addition to how they are tracking or progressing in those certifications. These rigorous certifications display dedication to a career path within finance. 


Presenting Business Value 

Financial professionals must not only be able to create accurate and informative financial models, but also be able to clearly present them to business leadership. This takes an eye for design and excellent communication skills to translate financial data into concrete takeaways for the business. 

There are many online courses for mastering financial modeling in excel, if seeking to develop these skills further. View one such online resource here. 

Analytical Skills 

Finance teams need employees who can manage financial data, as well as analyze scenarios and draw suitable conclusions. Many employers are attracted to candidates who display skills involving strategic thinking, big data, and technology with real-world examples, results and analysis.  

Work samples and/or examples of how a candidate has utilized their analytical skills in order to help support a business decision is one way of highlighting this skill in an interview. 



Strong finance professionals must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with leaders and other non-finance professionals within the business, describing complex issues and jargon in simple terms with concrete takeaways. This includes both written and verbal communication. 

A strong candidate must be able to display interpersonal skills and an understanding of industry terminology in order to translate complex issues simply. Consider practicing translating key financial terminology into simple language and explaining these concepts to a friend or family member without a financial background. 

Also consider attending networking events specific to financial professionals, either virtually or in person, to practice communicating with others in the space and learn more about industry trends. 


While many businesses are adding to their accounting and finance teams in 2022, now is the time for candidates to sharpen their skills in order to stand out from the crowd. Submit a resume and view more open accounting and finance roles here. 

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