The Top 4 Customer Service Roles Hiring Now

As organizations re-evaluate their business model and begin to look towards the future, a major focus for many companies is customer service. Whether a company took a hit financially during the economic shut down or they experienced an increase in demandcustomer service is one key way organizations are looking to gain market share.   

The following are of the main industries with an increased demand for customer service professionals. 


Financial Services 

With hundreds of thousands of small business loans, payment relief loans and personal loans provided during the Coronavirus crisis, there is a need for temporary and permanent loan processors/customer service specialists to assist companies with questions and follow up on payments.   

Loan processors’ primary responsibilities include assisting customers with their payment plans and options and performing a high volume of calls on accounts to discuss outstanding balances.  

Customer Service roles at these financial institutions are required to help customers navigate their payment plans, follow up on missed payments and answer questions. 

Important skills to highlight while applying for a loan processing role include strong written, verbaland communication skills and familiarity with loans or financial planning. 

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Medical companies and healthcare providers alike have seen a drastic need for customerservice support. Healthcare companies supporting COVID-19 care have skyrocketed in demand, and thus need an increased number of specialists answering questions and providing support. Inversely, while many elective or nonessential medical procedures were put on pause duringthe spike in COVID-19 cases, customer service is needed more than ever to handle the rescheduling of appointments and procedures, answering questions or concerns and follow up on insurance and payment.  

The majority of customer service professionals in a medical setting specialize in customer support, scheduling or insurance processing.  

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Professional Services 

Various professional services providing consultations or legal advice are experiencing aincreased demand as businesses and individuals adjust to the new normal. As cities across the U.S. begin to reopen, many are seeking out professional services to aid in decision makingcausing a higher volume of calls and greater demand for customer service professionals. 

Customer service in this industry may vary depending on the service provided, such as legal assistance or other consulting firms. Representatives at these organizations may service both business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships and must be comfortable problem solving and relaying important information. 

This role requires a problem-solving mindset with attention to detail, excellent communication skills and overall professionalism. These are transferrable skills valuable to all workplaces. 

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Travel & Hospitality  

The hospitality industry was one of the industries most impacted by the pandemic. As airline travel dropped by 96% in April, millions of flights, hotel stays and activities or events were canceled or rescheduled. The massive volume of calls from customers asking questions or modifying reservations means a demand for customer service roles within the industry. 

While many smaller companies in the hospitality industry may not have the means to be hiring, larger organizations may be investing in customer service as a way of retaining customers for future events and travel. 

While providing customer service during a challenging time where many customers may be disappointed or experiencing issues, the ability to think on your feet while problem solving is key. 


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