Benefits of Temporary Employment for 2023 Graduates

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In March 2023, LaSalle Network collected survey responses from more than 2,500 graduates from the class of 2023 to understand what they’re seeking in their first job and company post-graduation.  

One of the findings was that 85% of respondents stated they would consider a temporary or temporary-to-hire jobs. 

Especially while first starting out, limiting a job search to only permanent roles could overlook strong opportunities for both personal and professional growth and development. Temporary employment and the ability to learn more about the professional world while developing in-demand skillsets could ultimately act as a catalyst for future success. 

While graduates are entering a strong jobs market, it will become flooded and competitive when the class of 2023 crosses the stage. A strong job-search strategy is still necessary, and one element to strengthen a job search is to consider temporary employment. Here’s why: 

Explore Different Environments 

Temporary employment gives professionals an opportunity to gain experience in different areas, from different roles and industries to working for different managers and on different teams. Especially early on in a professional career, trying a variety of roles and industries and learning from various styles of management can help to become a more well-rounded and versatile professional. This can also help to evaluate what type of career to pursue long-term. 

Shorten the Job Search  

While not the case for every role, companies tend to move faster when hiring for a temporary role than they would a permanent position because in a permanent role, they’re interviewing for a long-term fit, which may come with a longer list of requirements and layers to the interview process.   

Strengthen a Resume 

If a job search for a permanent role is taking longer than expected, rather than having a gap on a resume, not only does temporary employment fill that gap, but it’s a great opportunity to gain new skills and experiences to apply to future roles.  

Get a Foot in the Door  

Being able to work for a Fortune 500 company or an up-and-coming start-up on a temporary basis could lead to a permanent position down the line, or strong recommendations with other similar businesses. 

Build a Strong Network 

Getting connected with staffing agencies and completing assignments for them can help build a strong network. This could lead to new assignments or strong references in the future. To get connected to our network, click here.  


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