TGIM: 5 Leadership Resources for Building a Stronger Team

Our blog, Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM), has been a resource to leaders for how to maximize the workweek and help their teams advance, take on new goals and seize the day. From expert insights on talent recruitment and retention to leading teams and creating engaged and productive workforces, we’re sharing our 5 most in-demand blogs from the year. 

How to Address Political Tension in the Office 

Whether it be emotions over the Roe V. Wade potential reversal, emotional distress over the Ukrainian conflict, or a myriad of other social and political tensions, emotions cannot simply be ‘turned off,’ and many employees are still feeling the weight of current events while clocking in. 

Every company culture is different, and whether or not it is appropriate to directly address issues at hand, it is important leaders recognize there may be other things vying for their employee’s attention. Emotional intelligence and displaying empathy for employees, especially during times of high political and social stress, is an important aspect of helping support and retain talent, as well as creating a strong company culture. We’re sharing ways leaders can adopt these qualities and address tension in the workplace.  

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How a Best Place to Work Maintains its Culture 

With many organizations working from home or practicing a hybrid model of on-site and remote, many leaders are asking how we keep our staff engaged and maintain our culture.

We definitely don’t have all the answers; however, as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a two-time honoree of Inc. Magazine’s “Best Workplace,” and a seven-time honoree of Crain’s Chicago Business’ “Best Companies to Work For,” we thought we’d share what we’ve been doing to help spark ideas for other organizations. As we continue to add more ideas regularly, come back for more inspiration. 

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6 Types of Employees and How to Manage Them 

Every team features a range of characters, and each personality brings something valuable to the table, and as a manager, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively manage each. We’re featuring 6 types of employees, and how managers can help them produce their best work. 

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3 Reasons Why Remote Work Won’t Last 

The last year, deemed by some as “The Great Remote Work Experiment,” has led major companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and more to announce working from home would be a permanent offering for many employees. After millions of professionals proved their ability to work from home, either partially or fully, over the last year and still be just as – if not more – productive, some companies are considering reducing office capacity permanently or eliminating the physical office entirely. While businesses could save considerably by downsizing or eliminating office space, there are several key factors this cost-saving strategy overlooks that could end up being detrimental to businesses long-term. We’re sharing three important considerations for why in-office work shouldn’t be eliminated entirely.  

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12 Ways to Promote Inclusion in Today’s Workplace 

Inclusion means employees feel seen, are encouraged to speak their mind and accepted as they are. A Harvard Business Review study revealed that 72% of black women, 53% of Latinas, and 52% of Asian women reported they feel they must compromise their authenticity if they want to be leaders at their workplaces. When employees who are different from their colleagues can flourish and share their ideas, the company benefits from increased engagement and creativity, not to mention improved retention. 

We’re sharing how to become an inclusive leader, how to promote inclusion in your organization and how to achieve inclusivity with a remote workforce.   

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