7 In-Demand Career Blogs for a Strong Kick-Start to Your Week

Today is “Thank God It’s Monday” day, which is a concept we’ve backed since our start (see our blog’s name ?) We believe “living for the weekends” overlooks the great opportunities happening each day. Mondays are a fresh start to the week to tackle new goals, try new ways to achieve existing goals and get in the right mindset for the week ahead. 

To help you do that today, we’re sharing the top 7 most popular blogs from the last year, full of job-search and career advice from our recruiting experts.  

8 Bad Habits to Leave Behind 

A habit is a pattern of behavior, and when something negative is repeated over and over again, it not only impacts your attitude and behavior, but your relationships and overall health, too. While people may think making and/or breaking a habit is a lengthy process, some research insists it can be done in 7 days or in 7 consecutive attempts. We’re sharing the eight to leave behind.  

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How to Stand Out in Your First 30 Days of a Remote Job 

The first few weeks of a new role is often a steep learning curve as you get acquainted with new responsibilities and expectations, while also beginning to integrate into the company culture. Starting a new role remotely presents unique challenges on top of that.  

Maximizing the first month of a new position is crucial in setting yourself up for success, and even more challenging while trying to put your best foot forward virtually. While your manager or HR team may have a 30-60-90-day plan in place for you, outlining specific goals for your first three months on the job, it’s your responsibility to take initiative and strategize ways to ensure you’re hitting appropriate milestones. We share how here. 


How to Recover from a Bad Job Interview 

While finding a job in the workforce, nothing tugs at the back of somebody’s mind like the regret of a botched interview, or the anxiety of messing up in an upcoming one. Not nailing the perfect answer or forgetting key details is a collective anxiety of many modern jobseekers.   

Despite an interview going south, not all is lost. There are a few ways to grab hold of the interview and swing it back around.   

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8 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Interview 

If you have a virtual interview, how do you put your best foot forward without physically being in the office?  We’re sharing 8 essential tips to help prepare for a stand-out, virtual interview. 

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Career Advancement Advice from LaSalle’s Female Leaders 

Stop caring what others think about you. Focus on what it takes to succeed. Make sure you surround yourself with people who lift you up, not bring you down. These are just some of the pieces of advice LaSalle Network’s female leaders had to share when reflecting on growing their careers.

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3 Misconceptions About Your First 30 Days on the Job 

Starting a new job and acclimating to new responsibilities and work environments can be a learning curve, especially if entering the workforce for the first time or switching to a new profession or industry. The first month of a new role is often the most challenging, but also is the time to make a strong first impression. We’re sharing three tips to live by in the first 30 days of a job to help overcome this adjustment period and start your role off on the right foot.

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5 Secrets to Staying Focused this Summer

As staying outdoors becomes more and more tempting with warmer weather finally here, it can be harder to stay focused during the workday. However, these 5 things can help keep you on track this summer weather.

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