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5 Secrets to Staying Focused this Summer

As staying outdoors becomes more and more tempting with summer officially here, it can be harder to stay focused during the workdayHowever, these 5 things can help keep you on track while enjoying the summer weather:

1. Take breaks outside 

Take a break from looking at your computer screen with a 20-minute walk outside. A quick change of scenery and soaking in some Vitamin D has been proven to boost mood and increase mental function. The short break can also give your brain time to subconsciously think through persistent issues or to brainstorm.

 2. Stay professional

Dress comfortably for the heat, but don’t let professional standards slip. Especially if you’re working from home, get dressed for your workday and leave the sportswear and beachwear for the weekends 

3. Focus on deadlines

Avoid counting down the hours until the workday ends and instead, approach each day’s work as a series of deadlines. What are the deliverables you’re accountable for today? Multitasking with chores around the house and frequent breaks may be tempting, but the workday shouldn’t end until each deadline has been hit and every project completed.

 4. Plan rewards

Longer daylight hours means it’s possible to put in an extra hour of work and still have time to enjoy the evenings. Plan a reward for the end of the day – whether it’s a new dinner recipe, a long walk, or a virtual happy hour with friends.

5. Get the most out of weekends

Plan bigger activities for the weekends, like catching up with family and spending extended time outside. Run errands like grocery shopping or laundry so they don’t demand attention on weeknights, allowing for more time and freedom after work. 

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