Our Top 7 Job Search Resources of the Year

The job market fluctuated drastically this year, with unemployment rates swinging from a 50-yearlow at the beginning of 2020 at 3.6% to then skyrocketing to nearly 15% in just a matter of months. As we near the end of 2020, the job market has strengthened significantly but continues to change as companies adjust to ever-evolving demand. We’ve been supporting job seekers throughout every stage this year, helping you navigate a very different application, interview, and onboarding experience than in years past 

As we reflect on 2020 and the many ways job seekers had to pivot to stand out in one of the most competitive job markets in the decade, we’re sharing our top most popular resources that helped thousands of job seekers do so.  


5 Surprising New Interview Questions Post Quarantine 

2020 has undoubtedly shifted how job interviews are conducted, but it’s also adjusted the questions askedClick here to read what 5 surprising new interview questions job seekers should prepare for, and how. 


8 Ways to Ace Your Virtual Interview 

With many companies hiring despite the pandemic, there is an influx of virtual interviews. How can candidates put their best foot forward without physically being in the same room as the interviewerClick here to read 8 ways to ace your virtual interview. 


10 Recruiter Secrets for Standing Out in Your Job Search 

It’s no secret that a recession is one of the toughest times to be job searchingJob seekers today must do everything they can to separate themselves from the crowd and we’re sharing all the need-to-know tips for standing out in a recession, straight from our recruiting experts. Click here to read our 10 secrets 


12 Resources to Sharpen your Skills Remotely 

With more time at home, there are many resources for job seekers to develop themselves professionally and set themselves apart in the job search. Improve your dexterity and become a more competitive professional by utilizing these 12 free resources to learn in-demand skills, all without leaving your couchClick here to read.

Tom’s Tips: 10 Ways to Progress Your Career in a Pandemic 

LaSalle Network has helped job seekers and been a source of career development for professionals at every level for the last 22 years. Our CEO, Tom Gimbel, shared 10 tips oways he’s progressed his own career and encourages others to do the same. 
Click here to read the 10 tips. 


6 Ways to Gain Experience Without an Internship 

Everyone knows the advantage of a college internship. Experience, connections and hopefully a future job offer. But what do you do when an internship isn’t in the cards for you?  LOTS.   
Click here to learn how to gain experience without an internship. 


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile 

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools on the market today. With the ability to share experience, skills and achievements with other professionals around the world, it has never been easier to present a virtual resume. When used appropriately, LinkedIn can help make powerful connections to take a professional career to the next level.

This guide contains in-depth information on the many features of LinkedIn to ensure the full potential of a profile is being taken advantage of. Harnessing the tools mentioned in this guide can help aid in a job search, as well as career advancement. 

Click here to download the full guide.  


Our number one resource for job seekers are our recruiters! Let us help you. Click here to view jobs we are actively hiring for now. 

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