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12 Resources to Sharpen your Skills Remotely

Improve your dexterity and become a more competitive professional by utilizing these 12 free resources to learn in-demand skills, all without leaving your couch!  

General Knowledge 

Boston University Free Case Studies: Practice your research methodology and problem-solving skills. 

Oxford Home Study College: With courses ranging from wedding planning to cyber security, to one specifically on COVID-19, each are about 20 hours in length and free of charge. 

Coursera: Courses are available online in business, computer science, data science, language and more. 

LinkedIn Learning: A customizable learning tool offering weekly courses based on your interests ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. 

Podcasts: No matter what topic you’d like to learn about, there is most likely a podcast dedicated to it. HowStuffWorksEntreprenurial Thought LeadersYou Are Not So Smart, and Leadership and Loyalty are good options.  

Webinars: Career ContessaeLearning Industry, and Hubspot Webinars offer free webinars on a plethora of subjects. 

Library: While libraries are physically closed, many of them still offer rentals of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers through their websites. For academic reading, JSTOR’s database has open access materials of more than 6,000 e-books and 150 journals. 

Ted Talks: Hundreds of speakers have presented on a variety of personal and professional skills and new discoveries.  


Google AnalyticsGoogle AdsSalesforce, and Hubspot are available for free certification classes. These are transferable skills for commonly used tools in any industry. 


Duolingo: Daily practice for learning new languages on mobile app or desktop. While it offers a premium service, the basic service is always free 

Rosetta Stone: This language learning software is offering three months free for students during the coronavirus pandemic 


Whether you are essay writing, report writing, or creative writing there are free courses online at EdX.  

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