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5 Surprising New Interview Questions Post Quarantine

Slowly, the world will settle into a new normal. Citizens will follow government guidelines for phasing back into work and everyday life. Hopefully, the employees who were furloughed during this period will return to work, and the jobs that were lost will slowly come back.  

Americans job searching in the months to come should be prepared for interviews to look different. Virtual interviews will continue to replace in person meetings for the foreseeable future. The former norms for in person interviews will also shift as companies return to work – handshake greetings will be eliminated, and six feet of space will be required between interviewer and candidate. Additionally, standard interview questions may be expanded to include questions about how time was spent during quarantine.  

With unemployment at an all-time high, employers will have their pick of the best and brightest candidates and may use quarantine activities as a litmus test to gauge how motivated future employees may be.  

Employers will of course be sensitive to those impacted most directly by COVID-19, including those who lost family or friends to the virus. Americans who weren’t directly impacted by the Coronavirus and the loss or illness of a loved one, should be prepared for job interview questions about their routine over these past 4-8 weeks, as well as the weeks that lie ahead.  

Questions may include:  

  • What was your routine during the stay at home mandate?  

  • Did you learn new hobbies or skills? 

  • If you worked from home during COVID-19, how did you use your time?  

  • If you were employed during COVID-19, what did you do differently to add more value to your organization? 

  • How did you improve yourself during quarantine?

If you are employed, have you identified ways to add more value to your organization, whether that be identifying cost saving measures or new ways to drive revenue? How did you improve yourself? Did you spend time learning more about your industry, improving your sales pitch, or educating yourself on the economic situation?  

If you are unemployed or furloughed, how are you using the time you were working? Are you taking advantage of free resources that are abundant during this time period? Are you taking classes, networking virtually or picking up a new hobby? 

If you haven’t thought about these questions, start now. Reflect on how to use this time to make yourself or your organization better. Whether you are in week 4 or week 8 of a stay at home mandate, you can still make the most of the time you have.  


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