build relationships while leading remotely

How to Build Genuine Relationships Virtually

As managers have spent nearly a year leading in times of high stress virtually, there has been a noticeable impact on the relationships with their direct reports. Some have strengthened as a result, and others have suffered.  

With no playbook prepared on leading through a pandemic, our team of experts conducted original research to identity top areas of strain between employees and their managersIn LaSalle Network’s Remote Manager Index, professionals who transitioned into a remote work setting since the start of the pandemic were surveyed to identify how relationships changed as a result.   

According to the Index, top areas employees stated that were negatively impacted since going virtual include: 

  • Showcasing appreciation 
  • Investing in growth and development 
  • Conducting wellness checks 
  • Communicating effectively  

A challenged employee-manager relationship is among the top reported reasons for workplace stress and turnover in recent years, and given the financial hit companies faced, they cannot afford to lose top talent who are helping drive revenue growth. 

Download LaSalle Network’s Remote Manager Index, to learn techniques that address top concerns employees have in order to build a stronger, more connected team.  


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