Field Employees

LaSalle Network has worked with Ken Martin since 2015. As a contract brand manager, Ken found his ideal work-life balance through temporary staffing opportunities that both challenge him and allow him to follow his passions. Get to know his story!

How to submit electronic onboarding:

How to submit weekly timecards:


Telehealth Benefits

New Telehealth Service available for Field Employees enrolled in the Fixed Indemnity Medical plan. Download the PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to access this new benefit. Not sure if you're enrolled or want to find out how to enroll? Reach out to


What happens once I accept a temporary staffing assignment from LaSalle Network?

Your Project Manager will give you all the pertinent information to be successful in the position. This includes: location, manager name, hours, compensation, position expectations and duties, company culture, etc. You and your Project Manager will continue to have open and honest communication regarding your position, your supervisor and co-workers, questions/issues and feedback on your performance.

What are the eligibility requirements for Field Employee benefits through LaSalle Network?

Benefit eligibility is based on 30 consecutive days of LaSalle Network employment.

Do you offer insurance? If so, what's the coverage?

Yes, through Planned admin. For more information, please contact 312-419-1700 or email

What is the dress code on LaSalle Network assignments?

Our advice is, no one has been looked down upon or gotten into trouble for being overdressed. If it is a suit and tie environment, we will let you know, however, we recommend dressing as though you are going to a job interview, sans the tie.


Can I work overtime hours?

Overtime is only allowed if you have authorization directly from the manager at your work location. At that time, you must email your LaSalle Network Project Manager and let them know.

What if I find permanent employment while on assignment through LaSalle Network?

If you decide to accept a permanent offer while on assignment through LaSalle Network, you must give LaSalle Network two weeks notice.

Do I need to give you any notice to end an assignment?

For any assignment of three weeks or longer, we require two weeks notice.

What is the call-off procedure (running late, sick day, vacation day) once I am working?

If you are going to miss a day of work or be late to work, you must call the LaSalle Network office at least one hour prior to your starting time. This includes leaving a message on the 24-hour voicemail at 312-419-1700. If you leave a message on the voicemail, we may contact you to discuss the absence. If you are unavailable, you are responsible for returning the call or stopping in the LaSalle Network office within 24-hours. If you are going to be late to work, you need to provide an estimated time of arrival. If you will not be working your entire shift for any reason, you must notify LaSalle Network (via telephone or e-mail) within one hour of leaving the worksite; this includes if the client sends you home early. Employees are also responsible for requesting vacation days. You should notify your Project Manager in writing PRIOR to the scheduled or requested vacation day off.

What is the likelihood of my temporary-to-permanent assignment going permanent?

A temp-to-perm job is contingent on both the company and the employee wanting it to convert to a direct hire role. You are evaluating the potential employer as much as they are evaluating you. There is no guarantee on either end. If the assignment originated as a temp-to-perm, there most likely is a determined time frame for a conversion to be evaluated (usually between 90 days or six months).

Am I an employee of LaSalle Network or the client to which I am assigned?

You are an employee of LaSalle Network. You will be receiving either a pay stub or live check, and receive a W2 as an employee of LaSalle Network. Your point of contact is the Project Manager who connected you with your current job.

How do I complete electronic onboarding?

For assistance, call our hotline, 312-517-7028, or email us at

How do I submit my weekly timecard?

Our chatbot, Lucy, located in the right-hand corner of the screen can help you! Or, call our hotline, 312-517-7028, or email us at