Employers FAQs

You've got questions...we've got the answers. And if you'd like more information, just ask!


Does LaSalle Network only offer temporary positions?

Last year we W2’d nearly 4,000 people…which is why it makes sense that some people may think of us as a temp shop. But we also placed more than 2,000 people in permanent positions. We have the skills and experience to do both, effectively.

Do you staff non-profits?

We’ve worked with clients in nearly every industry, and consider ourselves industry agnostic. We have clients in CPG, private equity, manufacturing, insurance, non-profit, professional services, and the list could keep on going. We focus on functional recruiting, meaning we recruit for specific positions. Our recruiters are experts in identifying top talent for accounting & finance roles, marketing, HR, technology, sales, supply chain, administrative, and call center roles. We are truly a one stop shop and can help with temporary and permanent staffing needs.

Are you one of those firms that just scour job boards for candidates?

How disappointing would that be to know you paid us to do something anyone could do!

Our specialized recruiters are working for YOU. They interview hundreds of candidates daily, we have a database containing millions of candidates, we attend networking events, we source out of companies, we recruit from universities, we utilize social media and email marketing, we tap our network for referrals…and MORE. We have an extensive recruiting strategy and large enough team that allows us to identify passive and active candidates to ensure you are meeting the best people for your role.

What is your fee structure?

The best part about working with LaSalle is that it isn’t a one size fits all. Here, you aren’t a number. We work hard to know you and the nuances of your business. We partner with you to determine your budget and structure our fees accordingly.

What can your team do that mine can’t?

Dedicate an entire day, week or weeks to recruiting for YOU. Every hour, every day, multiple recruiters focused on YOU. We meet more people in a week than most people do in a month. This allows us to present you with the best candidates with the skills and culture fit to thrive in your environment. It also allows us to present candidates to you sooner, which means you’ll get to the offer stage faster.

I heard you’re a one hit wonder in Chicago…but I have needs in other states. Why would I work with you?

Our roots are in the Midwest, that’s for sure. We opened shop in Chicago over two decades ago and have four offices in the Chicagoland area. We’ve placed professionals in permanent roles in nearly half of the 50 states, and each month we’re breaking into new markets. We have the references to back us up. Give us a shot, you won’t regret it.