Year-End Checklists to Start 2021 Strong

Through the pandemic, a market crash, migrating to remote work, social unrest and much more, 2020 was a defining year for many professionals. While this year made all professionals pivot their responsibilities, there still are a set of things that need to be done before year-end to help start 2021 on the right foot. We took a detailed look at what leaders of teams from IT to Sales to Revenue Cycle and more need to focus on now. 


Executive Assistants’ Year End Checklist 

The role of executives drastically shifted this year unexpectedly with abrupt changes in how business was conducted entirely, and their support was critical. From canceled travel plans and shifting schedules, to fluctuating demand and far more, executives relied on their Executive Assistants for support this year more than ever before.   

We’re sharing the 7 tasks Executives Assistants should focus on completing before year-end to keep those they support organized and ready to tackle the year ahead. 

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HR Managers’ Year End Checklist 

The role of an HR professional has been stretched and challenged this year in ways no one was prepared for. Companies relied on HR teams to create plans to keep employees safe and healthy, starting with managing the quick transition to an entirely remote workforce, ensuring employees had what they needed from the emotional support to the technical equipment needed to do their jobs. Soon after the panic of a global pandemic came social upheaval and financial stresses.  

While HR teams have been going 1,000MPH just trying to keep up, as we approach 2021, there are six things HR teams should consider doing before year-end to be as best prepared for the year ahead.   

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Marketing Leaders’ End of Year Checklist 

Marketing leaders carefully crafted a marketing plan for 2020, and within three months of the New Year, most had paused part or all of their strategy and were re-evaluating what was feasible to accomplish in the remaining nine months of the year.  

Consequently, many marketers are evaluating whether they should create a year-long or six-month marketing plan for 2021. Regardless of which path you pursue, it’s important to think strategically about the year ahead.   

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IT Leaders’ Year End Checklist

As 2020 winds down, forward-thinking technologists are wrapping up projects and preparing for the year ahead. From ensuring IT systems are running smoothly to making sure everyone is set up for success at their home offices, there’s no shortage of things for IT leaders to do at year-end. 

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Supply Chain Managers’ Year End Checklist

For decades, one of the defining characteristics of supply chain management was data-driven decision making and a focus on historical patterns of demand. With the coronavirus pandemic uprooting every stage of the supply chain this year, manufacturing plants and warehouses shut down for weeks or months, shipping became more challenging, products experienced rapid fluctuation of demand, and key materials experienced unforeseen shortages. This unprecedented market has turned the global supply chain on its head with no prevalent historical data to predict upcoming trends.    

While many organizations were blindsided this year and had to pivot their procurement strategies on the fly, it is now time to focus on the future. The supply chain is an integral component to a successful business, and how supply chains prepare now sets the tone for how the business will be able to recover or continue to thrive in coming years. 

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Controllers’ Year End Checklist 

Old financial goals and strategies must be changed to align with each company’s new, not so normal, normal. It is important for financial leaders to redevelop their forecasts based on current operating conditions so they can help the company properly navigate through the crisis and 2021.  
From closing the books accurately to forecasting revenue numbers for the year ahead, there are many critical pieces an accounting team executes at the end of the year that financial leaders should be preparing for now.  

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End of Year Checklist for Content Marketers 

Content marketers had to scrap their editorial calendars and pivot content strategies on the fly this year as “the new normal” was unveiled. While 2020 has been a whirlwind of change and hot-button issues, the year’s more traditional campaigns went out the window and content marketers now need to look ahead to a very different 2021.  
From analyzing metrics to brainstorming campaigns and contingent content plans, Q4 is prime time to set yourself and your organization up for success next year.  

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5 Things All B2B Sales Leaders Need to do Before Year-End 

Since the start of the pandemic, the role of sales leaders in every organization was turned on its head. From rapid changes in demand to shifting all or most meetings with clients virtually, a lot has changed and may continue to change into 2021. While overseeing a team whose success is directly tied to that of the company’s, B2B sales leaders have been working in overdrive to find new and creative ways to drive revenue and support the business.   

Especially in the midst of a volatile economy, it is crucial that sales leaders start planning now for 2021 to best prepare for varying potential scenarios, make effective goals, and strategize for selling in the new normal. As a starting point, sales leaders should check these five things off their list before year-end. 

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Leaders’ End of Year Checklist 

Although healthcare revenue cycle leaders follow a strict month end process, there are unique nuances to closing out the fiscal year and planning for the year ahead, especially during a global pandemic. Although it may seem difficult to pull away from the day to day during COVID, it’s necessary to spend time planning for 2021. We’re sharing six areas healthcare revenue cycle leaders should focus on to set their team up for a successful New Year.  

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