What 2022 Graduates Need to Know About Today’s Jobs Market

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While it may be one of the strongest jobs markets to date, this does not mean finding a job will be easy or instant for 2022 graduates. While job seekers currently have the upper hand as talent is in high demand, it doesn’t mean multiple job offers will roll in. No matter what the market looks like, a job search still requires intentional effort, time, and dedication.

According to LaSalle Network’s survey, nearly two-thirds of respondents reported they started their job search at least 3 months before graduating, and 35% started more than 6 months before graduating. If not yet in the midst of job searching, now is the time to start. Here’s how: 

Define your job-search strategy 

Consider what kind of role, company, industry, and compensation to target, and research what jobs are available within those criteria. Consider what is non-negotiable and where to be flexible to prevent limiting job options. 

A job search should be treated like a job. Create a schedule of what days and times will be dedicated to searching, as well as an agenda of what will be targeted each day, whether it’s focusing on job boards one day and networking another. Put it on the calendar, and don’t move it. Also create goals and a timeline of what progress should be made by when.  

Cast a wide net 

Use every resource available during a job search. Job boards like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Indeed may have different jobs posted on each. Network by discussing job opportunities with peers, those 1-2 years into their first job, and family and friends. Consider reconnecting with former internship managers to either ask to serve as a reference or to inquire if there are roles available at their company. 

Working with multiple staffing firms can also help cast an even wider net, as recruiters can present a range of potential opportunities, and provide advice and feedback on resumes, interviewing and the job search.  

Be flexible 

Avoid getting pigeonholed by focusing too much on certain elements of a job. Rather than solely considering particular titles, look at job descriptions of varying titles to read the requirements and responsibilities, as every company labels roles differently. 

Research the targeted industries and roles to understand what skills and certifications are commonly needed and average earning potential. Adjust expectations and search requirements as needed based on the information found. 

Also, don’t discount roles just because they are temporary or temporary-to-permanent. 63% of respondents stated they would consider temporary roles, which is important as these roles can act as a foot in the door at a great company or an opportunity to build skillsets and experience to strengthen a resume.  

Job searching, in combination with wrapping up the last semesters of college, can be stressful. Create a sustainable job-search strategy to avoid burning out and accepting a job that isn’t a great fit.  

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