Top Job-Search Resources for the Year

There is no denying that we are in one of the strongest jobs markets seen in decades; however, that does not mean job seekers can rest on their laurels when it comes to their job search.  

We’re sharing our most popular resources that include recruiter secrets and insights that have helped thousands of job seekers stand out from the crowd and land a job. 

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A seemingly small mistake could be the difference between landing an interview or being overlooked. We are sharing how to eliminate six of the most common job-search mistakes. 

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Relying on luck or playing a numbers game by sending a generic resume to company after company is simply not enough to get a callback. You must take ownership of the application process. 6 seconds is all a candidate has to hold the attention of a hiring manager as they scan a resume. Don’t miss out on landing the job because of a fixable error. We’re sharing 6 ways to optimize your resume.

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Your heart is pounding as you walk into your boss’ office, resignation letter in hand. As you share the news that you’re moving to another company, you’re surprised to hear your manager offer you a raise! Here are a few key things to consider before you’ll know if you should stay or you should go.

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We’re sharing all the need-to-know tips for standing out while job searching, straight from recruiting experts.  

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While candidates often prepare for a job interview by preparing responses to common interview questions, some of the most important questions to prepare are those they ask the interviewer. We’re sharing 6 important ones to ask.  

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If you have a virtual interview, how do you put your best foot forward without physically being in the office?  We’re sharing 8 essential tips to help prepare for a stand-out interview. 

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