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30/60/90-Day Guide for a New Remote Position

Maximizing the first few months of a new position is crucial to a new hire setting themselves up for success, and it can be even more challenging doing so virtually. While management or HR teams may have a 30/60/90-day plan in place that outlines specific goals for new hire success, it's important they take initiative and strategize ways to ensure they make an impactful first impression 

With our depth of experience not only matching job seekers with the right role, but ensuring they start their new role successfully, in our latest series, we’ve compiled advice from our experienced team of recruiters on how to succeed in the first 30, 60 and 90 days on a new job, virtually. 


 successful first 30 days of remote work

Part One: How to Stand Out in Your First 30 Days of a Remote Job 

The first few weeks of a new role is often a steep learning curve while getting acquainted with new responsibilities and expectationsand simultaneously integrating into the company culture. Starting a new role virtually presents unique challenges on top of that.   

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How to stand out in the first 90 days of a remote role 

Part Two: How to Stand Out in the First 90 Days of a Remote Job 

The first month in a new remote role likely triggered a variance of emotions from excitement to exhaustion, and everything in between. The next 60 days will complete a full three-months in the new positionwhich are crucial in setting the tone for a successful career trajectory 

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