Job Search Tips from TikTok: Fact or Fiction?

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, one of the newest and most rapidly growing trends is career and job search advice. Whether it is job seekers looking for tips on landing their dream job or young professionals looking to advance their careers, there are thousands of videos from different users packed chalk-full of tips and tricks for growing a promising career.

The downside? While some reputable human resources professionals are using the app to help educate and make career advice more relatable, many unqualified individuals are using the same types of videos for entertainment or to grow their following. Below, we tackle a few pieces of advice found scattered throughout TikTok and compare them to our expert recruiters’ advice, showing the difference between clickbait and quality information.

Resume Search-ability 

According to TikTok: One common piece of advice found on TikTok regarding resumes is to copy and paste job requirements at the bottom of a resume in small, white font. While this makes the paragraph of job requirements invisible to the eye, it is still able to be ‘seen’ by A.I. as it scans a resume. The purpose of this is to help the resume be selected as a close match to the job description and placed at the top of the pile for a hiring manager to consider.  

According to recruiters: This is likely to backfire. Recruiters will immediately notice the resume does not actually contain the needed skills or certifications they are looking for. If someone using this technique still squeaks through to an interview, questions will still be asked about the required experience and lies are likely to be sniffed out.  

Instead of using this trick, spend an extra few minutes personalizing resumes to highlight specific skills, software, certifications, or other keywords recruiters might be searching for. How these requirements are phrased within a job description should guide how it appears in a resume – so shifting verbiage about particular soft skills, software names, certifications, etc. to match what the job description says is a good idea – but only include what is truthful.  


Resume Formatting 

According to TikTok: Some TikTok influencers show examples of creatively designed resumes that could help catch a recruiter’s eye and make the candidate stand out. This could act as a pseudo portfolio for creative roles as well, displaying graphic design capabilities and artistic ability.  

According to recruiters: Let your work do the talking. Make a resume simple and readable. Not only is this important to ensure the resume can be read accurately by an applicant tracking system (ATS), but it is essential recruiters be able to easily find the information they need. Hiring managers spend an average of seven seconds looking at a resume, so if a key job requirement is difficult to find on the page, the applicant could still be passed over.  

A resume design should be clean and easy to read. Consider, if applicable to the role, attaching a small portfolio of creative work, instead.  



According to TikTok: Growing in popularity on the app are videos capturing dramatic scenes of people quitting and walking out on the job – aka ‘quit-toks.’ While it’s tempting to replicate a “trend,” this is one to avoid. 

According to recruiters: A dramatic or disrespectful resignation will likely impact professional references, and, if posted online, could be seen by potential hiring managers. Even if already considering a job offer elsewhere, the professional world is smaller and more tight knit than it might seem, and word could get around. Remember, this type of exit leaves not only management reeling but impacts the entire team, and there is no way to know who might end up where in the future. 
Instead, have an honest conversation, preferably face-to-face, to give a resignation. While it may be more nerve wracking, speaking in-person can go a long way in helping hard conversations go a little smoother and maintaining a positive relationship throughout the departure.

Asking for a Raise 

According to TikTok: Some influencers encourage using an offer for a higher paying job as leverage for a counteroffer. The purpose of this is to be offered a raise or promotion by a current employer. 

According to recruiters: This can backfire, unless fully ready to take the job offered. Not only is there no guarantee of getting a counteroffer, but spending time and effort job searching and interviewing elsewhere can be a lot of work when simply asking management is an easier and just as effective route to take. Research what the role with similar experience and skillsets pays elsewhere and come up with a number to ask for. The worst that can happen is management says no and offers a plan for how to reach that salary in the future.  

Conversations with leadership regarding raises and promotions might vary depending on different organizations but starting with a conversation with management during a one-on-one is typically the best bet. Ask them what the appropriate way is to go about negotiating a raise or promotion, and what their thoughts are. Make the conversation respectful and describe what major accomplishments have been accomplished and what is desired for future growth.  


Lying in an Interview

Creeping into viral territory is advice from several life/career coaches to ‘professionally lie‘ during interviews. They recommend fabricating stories about biggest challenges or lessons learned in prior roles in order to highlight particular strengths and skillsets. One issue – what happens when the interviewer digs in a little deeper and asks for specific details, or runs a reference check? What happens when on the job, a similar situation emerges? Lying in an interview is never a good idea. Highlight the real experiences and lessons learned, and if new to the workforce, pull experiences from school and any extracurricular involvement.


When searching for advice on job searching and resumes, get a second opinion. Especially with social media being flooded with countering advice, it is always a good idea to ask for suggestions from family or friends, or partner with a recruiting firm to hear their take, as well.  


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