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The jobs market has fluctuated and changed drastically over the last two years, and the hiring landscape looks different. In this one-hour webinar, LaSalle Network Senior Director of Corporate and Campus Recruiting, Megan Trzcinski, addresses the top concerns the Class of 2021 has entering the jobs market, and how to prepare and execute a successful job search to land a role post-graduation.  

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While there are more job openings today than last year, that doesn’t mean graduating seniors will just land into a role once they cross the stage. Dedicate time now to take these necessary steps to successfully land a job post-graduation and not be jobless once the dust settles.   

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 No internship? No problemJust because you didn’t have the chance to gain work experiences and skills via an internship doesn’t mean you should disregard developing that experience entirely. We’re sharing 6 ways 2021 graduates can set themselves apart and make up for lost experiences by building a stronger professional skillset. 

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In a recent LaSalle Network survey to 2021 graduates, one of the top qualities they consider when looking at what company to join is its company culture. In today’s virtual world with many workforces operating remotely, culture is much harder to identify. We’re sharing top questions candidates can ask during the job interview to help gauge a company’s true culture virtually and if the opportunity is right for them.  

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Although this year’s graduating class is entering one of the strongest jobs markets we’ve seen in decades, and one that looks drastically different than what their predecessors graduated into last year, it doesn’t mean they should expect to walk across the stage and straight into their dream job. Especially as 79% of respondents in a recent LaSalle Network survey to 2021 college graduates believe it will be more difficult to get a job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are sharing 4 ways accounting and finance candidates can stand out during the interview process.   

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