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Job Searching 101: How to Land a Job You Love

WEBINAR: LaSalle Network Senior Director of Corporate and Campus Recruiting, Megan Trzcinski, outlined top tips on how the Class of 2021 can successfully land a position post-graduation in our webinar, Standing Out in a Recovering Workforce. If you missed the live webinar, we’ve got you covered. Download the recording here. 

For the last six years, LaSalle Network has surveyed the graduating class to learn what they want in their first job and company post-graduation. In our survey to the Class of 2021, 88% of respondents stated they had not yet accepted their first role post-graduation, the highest percentage since the start of our survey in 2016. 

Although this year’s graduating class is entering one of the strongest jobs markets we’ve seen in decades, and one that looks drastically different than what their predecessors graduated into last year, idoesn’t mean they should ease up on their job search. Especially as 79% of respondents reported they believe it will be more difficult to get a job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The jobs market has fluctuated and changed drastically over the last two years, and the hiring landscape looks different. LaSalle Network Senior Director of Corporate and Campus Recruiting, Megan Trzcinski, addresses the top concerns the Class of 2021 has entering the jobs market, and how to prepare and execute a successful job search to land a role post-graduation.  

Click here to download our webinar, Standing Out in a Recovering Workforce.  


This webinar was part one of a four-part series to help 2021 graduates prepare for a successful job search. Next up in our series: an interview day for 2021 graduates, to be held on May 4. To sign up for an interview with one of our recruiters and hear about the roles we’re recruiting forclick here.