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Is ChatGPT Coming for Your Company?

The latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology taking the world by storm, ChatGPT, has put employers in an interesting position. Should ChatGPT be used at work? How can it be used responsibly? How will AI change the face of work?

What is ChatGPT?

Simply put, it’s new AI that functions conversationally to answer questions. Because of its conversational capabilities and ability to use past questions to inform responses, ChatGPT is great at generating content, explaining concepts and creating templates.

Will it take my employees’ jobs?

While it is a powerful tool, ChatGPT, and AI in general, has limitations. Empathy, intuition and common sense cannot be manufactured by AI. While some tasks can be automated, there will always be elements of work that require human engagement. ChatGPT is best used as a resource that can take responsibilities off of your employees’ plates; a teammate. Early studies have already shown that ChatGPT boosts productivity by 30-50% for employees that use it in their daily work.

How can it be used to my team’s advantage?

Your employees may be unsure when ChatGPT is appropriate to use it at work, and when it is not. While boundaries will look different for each company, the consensus is that ChatGPT is best used for rote tasks, while work that requires critical thinking and personalization should be completed by human employees.

For example, ChatGPT can help with content creation. When it comes to creating content for emails, social media or the company website, lean on ChatGPT to brainstorm content, come up with keywords and create an outline. Then, employees can incorporate brand voice, unique opinions, ensure the piece flows and catch any errors.

In recent events, a video explaining how to use ChatGPT to create customized email messages went viral on TikTok. The bot not only identified contacts, but created personalized messages to each based on their titles and companies. This is a prime example of how ChatGPT can be used for content creation.

Companies have also started using ChatGPT to code because of its accuracy and efficiency. It can quickly find errors in large sets of code and solve simple coding problems. Same goes with analyzing large sets of data: ChatGPT can do basic statistical analysis in a matter of seconds.

To enable companies to maximize ChatGPT even further, Microsoft is offering software that will allow companies to create their own chatbots. Already, companies like Salesforce are rolling out chatbots that cater to their employees’ and clients’ needs. Salesforce’s chatbot, ‘Einstein GPT,’ integrates with their CRM platform to generate a range of content from emails, to answers to commonly asked questions, to code for their development team, to marketing content.

Clearly, AI is the future when it comes to work. Rather than shirking from it, explore its possibilities as a tool to maximize your team’s time and improve workflow. ChatGPT has the potential to drive efficiency by taking time-consuming, rote tasks off of employees’ plates, leaving more time for strategic work and executing on new, creative ideas.


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