How to Ace your Interview like an Olympian

Landing an interview can breathe life into your job search. The work you put in sifting through job boards, sending resumes and networking is finally paying off. Now you can feel the pulse of your future. Just one obstacle stands between you and your dream job- the interview.

But how can you prepare when you’re glued to the TV, watching athletes from around the world ski, skate and slide their way to Olympic medals? There’s no question that these athletes inspire us all. But they can motivate in more ways than you’d expect.

Think about how athletes must feel on the podium. Standing strong with the satisfying weight of a medal around their neck. You may not be in Pyeongcheng, but you’ll still feel like a champion when you get the job offer. Here’s how to channel your inner Olympian and ace your interview like an athlete:

Train like you’re striving to achieve Olympic dreams

You’re sitting in a lush lobby. It’s 15 minutes before your interview, and it feels like there’s a hummingbird trapped in your chest. How do Olympians appear so calm and collected when so much is on the line? Athletes ooze confidence under pressure because they prepare.

Train like an Olympian and do your due diligence. Research the position, the company and the hiring manager on LinkedIn. Then, analyze the company’s media coverage, reviews on Glassdoor and what other people say about them.

Read through the job description with a fine-toothed comb. Highlight key words like “team player” or “leadership experience,” and prepare specific times you solved a problem with a team or spearheaded a project. You’ll nail these questions, boost your confidence and crush your interview.

Once you’re familiar with the job description, read through the organization’s website and slide through its content like an ice luge. Dive headfirst into their blog, about page and leadership section. Demonstrating knowledge about the company’s culture, history and growth can help you make headway and cultivate confidence in the interview.

Put on your uniform:

A fraction of a second is all it takes to win a race. In bobsled competitions, every thread counts. Athletes require immaculate attire to reduce wind resistance and secure the win. In a job interview, your appearance is just as important.

One tenth of a second is all it takes to make a first impression on a hiring manager. Ask the person who schedules the interview with you what you should wear. Show you’re taking the interview seriously and care about appearing polished for the position. Air on the side of simplicity and steer away from anything overly trendy.

Go for Gold:

Forget settling for silver, and don’t even think about bringing home a bronze. To land your dream job, go for gold. Like an Olympian, put your best foot forward the minute you arrive to the interview. When the hiring manager enters the room, greet them with a genuine smile, eye-contact and a handshake precise enough to make figure skater Nathan Chen proud.

When it’s time to show-off your skills, remember your training. Give specific examples that impress the manager like a frontside 1080 flip on the half-pipe. Back up your experiences with concrete, tangible numbers that add meat to your accomplishments. For example, if you wrote press releases in your last PR job, quantify the accomplishment. You may say something like, “I wrote 20 press releases in a two-week time frame.” This will add weight to the experience and prove your potential.

But most of all, don’t fail at knowing you. Be yourself, share your story and shine like Olympic gold.

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