6 Tips to Succeed in a New Job

Whether you’re a recent grad starting your first “real world” position or a young professional changing roles after several years, starting a new job can be intimidating, scary and uncomfortable at times. Here are a few tips to succeed at a new job:

  1. Be a sponge. You could be the smartest person in the world, but when starting a new job there will always be nuances, work rules and company history to learn. Listen and absorb.
  2. Treat your job like it’s a college course. Starting a new job can come with an overwhelming amount of information. Get into your pre-midterm mindset: study and test yourself on work related items, research your field and read company-related blogs/news. Becoming a subject matter expert will make you feel more confident when taking on new tasks and responsibilities.
  3. Know office hot topics. This does NOT mean be an office gossip. Rather, to stay up to date on what’s happening around you so if a reference is made at the office, you understand its context. Watch the local news, scan the business journal headlines on your commute, follow local sports teams and know the popular television shows. This helps you build rapport and relationships with coworkers.
  4. Be humble. You don’t know what you don’t know and that is 100% ok. Admit you’re still learning and accept that you’re going to mess up. Along with that, be okay with doing the “non-glamorous” work. Completing administrative or seemingly mundane tasks can help you in two ways:
    1. They help you learn the inner-workings of the business
    2. They take work off of someone else’s plate who may notice the value you bring.
  5. Ask smart questions. Don’t ask a question that can easily be found on Google. Good questions to ask are: Why do we do it this way? How can I help? How does this relate to our end goals?
  6. Make friends… By working hard. Friends at work can be an incredible blessing. And ff you’re working hard at being better at your job, you WILL get better at your job. Then you’ll like your job more, stay longer at your company, and becoming friends with those around you will come very naturally!
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