5 Questions Not to Ask During an Interview


During a job search, most of us know the importance of preparing questions to ask during an interview….but not all questions are good questions. Avoid the following questions that could rub a hiring manager the wrong way and jeopardize your opportunity to move forward in the process:

1. What does the company do? What are the roles/responsibilities of this position?

Don’t ask what can easily be found on the company’s website or job description. Come prepared: research the company’s mission and vision, study the job requirements, and learn about your future manager on LinkedIn. These are basics to know before walking into any interview!

2. What’s the salary? How soon would I be eligible for a raise/bonus?

This can be a tricky topic, and one that needs to be covered on the correct terms. Never ask about salary and benefits during a first round interview. A good rule of thumb is to let HR handle this question when you are further along in the interview process. Asking during the initial interview stages may show you are more focused on money than the position itself.

3. How many PTO days will I get? Are my working hours flexible?

No manager wants to hear this right off the bat! You can come off as unmotivated, unreliable and unwilling to put in the extra effort for the company. Just remember, this could be your career- let them see how hard you are willing to work to succeed from the get-go.

4. Can I see the break room?

Just don’t do it. It sends the message that all you want to do when hired is spend time playing foosball. Instead, ask about the office environment or where your new team sits to get a sense of the company space.

5. Do I get a company discount?

It’s a fun bonus, but not appropriate to mention in an interview. Product-based companies usually offer employee-discounts as an added perk. It’s something employers like to share once you’ve accepted the role. Be passionate about the companies’ products, but don’t expect to get something for free… and certainly don’t ask for it!

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