the #1 thing interviews miss

The #1 Thing Interviews Miss


After attracting a great pool of candidates, it’s time to decide if they’re the right addition to the company. Putting in the time to assess culture fit not only strengthens companies internally, but saves money on costly turnovers. Here are 5 tips on screening for culture fit during the interview:

1. Take the Airplane Test 

Imagine a 4-hour plane ride with the candidate. Would you enjoy the entire time, maintain the conversation, and talk about things other than work? Personalities aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal, but having the right personality maintains a culture where people enjoy working with each other.

2. Ask the Unconventional 

Unconventional interview questions can gauge how a potential hire will act in uncomfortable situations and if they can think on their feet. Ask about their interests, what their best friends do, what they’d do in a specific situation, etc. Have another employee interrupt the interview and see how they react. Do they stand to greet the person? Are they respectful? These interruptions/questions are little things an interviewee can’t prepare for and will test their professionalism and show their character.

3. Have a 3 Employee Minimum

Ask at least 3 employees (at different levels within the company) to interview the candidate. What do the employees living the culture think of the candidate? Debrief with each employee to discuss their observations and opinions, and decide as a team if everyone could envision collaborating with the candidate.

4. Observe Their Interactions 

Discover how the candidate acts outside of the interview room. Ask your office assistants, front desk associates, anyone standing around: how did they act? Were they rude? Did they smile and greet people? These small details reveal the best candidates.

5. Remember the Soft Skills

Adaptability, communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills. Where does the interviewee stand on the EI (emotional intelligence) scale? The tie breaker between two qualified candidates can be determined by how they interact, resolve issues, and communicate with others.


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