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5 Cybersecurity Professionals Your Team Needs Now

Cybersecurity has been a top concern for businesses for decades, however, this year, it has become a more dangerous threat to organizations and individuals. Cyber-attacks have surged by more than 400% over the last year, with these attacks becoming more intelligent and continuing to grow 

Chief Security Officers (CSOs) around the world are building out teams of highly skilled cybersecurity experts to reinforce their organization’s security posture to prevent attacks and are forming strong crisis response teams to mitigate the consequences of a breach.   

LaSalle Network has partnered with IT leaders at some of the fastest-growing companies around the country to build out cyber security teams with highly sought-after talent. Below are 5 of the most in-demand professionals CSOs are adding to their teams now.

Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSPs) 

CCSPs manage the security of cloud systems as well as ensurstrong architecture and design of the organization’s cloud-based services. They are integral in maintaining infrastructure and application security, and compliance for safety procedures 

Because cloud computing means sensitive data may be stored in decentralized locations, specialized cloud security professionals are needed to help manage its safety and ensure proper measures are in place to protect data. Especially as many organizations migrate to the cloud from their legacy systems, these professionals will continue to be in high-demand for years to come.  

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Cybersecurity Project Managers 

Cybersecurity Project Managers work to ensure the implementation of new security measures are carried out properly. Especially given the complexity of these security procedures, these professionals are needed for end-to-end monitoring to identify potential problems and integrate security measures into existing processes.  

With many companies supporting partial or fully remote workforces, the implementation of security measures today may be more complex than in years past, as IT teams are helping secure as many networks as there are employees and potentially working across a number of operating systems. Skilled professionals specializing in the implementation and advancement of security procedures will be increasingly important members of cybersecurity teams to protect organizations from potential attacks. 

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Penetration Tester/Vulnerability Analyst 

Penetration Testers infiltrate the existing system to discover flaws, essentially mimicking what cyber criminals might attempt, in order to anticipate how the system could be compromised. Especially with large organizations being targeted with increasingly intelligent attacks, these professionals are used to remain one step ahead and identify weaknesses.  

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Security Analysts 

Security Analysts assess vulnerabilities in the software, hardware, and networks of an organization to determine the tools and actions needed to solve the problem. They also analyze the damage done to the organization’s data in the event of a security breach and recommend solutions. 

With the drastic rise in attacks over the last year, security analysts are increasingly in-demand members of crisis response teams to help with the aftermath of a breach. They also are valuable in helping identify potential vulnerabilities and mitigating potential threats. 

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Security Software Developers 

Security Software Developers build security tools for monitoring, traffic analysis, intrusion detection, and virus/spyware/malware detection. They also build anti-virus software to help keep their organization’s data and technology safe 

Security Software Developers have been essential for businesses to innovate and protect their data from growing threats, especially with many organizations supporting remote workforces. Employees using personal devices or operating on an insecure network may open companies up to new threats that were not previously considered while in the office. Tools to help monitor for and identify malware or viruses on employee devices are now one of the first lines of defense against potential breaches.  

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With many companies accelerating technological advancement and digital innovation to remain agile and competitive in today’s market and a continuously increasing threat of cyberattacks, skilled cybersecurity professionals are predicted to remain in high demand for years to come. If adding to your team, let us help. Contact us here. 

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