4 Ways to Hire Seasonal Employees Who Will Stay


Several factors contribute to seasonal employee retention, but the first step is hiring the right employees. Companies should hire strategically before their rush period begins in order to save themselves the cost and trouble of losing an employee mid-season.

Here are 4 ways to improve the seasonal hiring process:

Look locally

The length and difficulty of an employee’s commute has been shown to influence their likelihood of staying at a job. Focus hiring efforts at the local level when it’s time to hire a new crop of seasonal employees. Post the job on Craigslist, in local newspapers, and at community centers. These candidates are not only more likely to see their contract through, but they probably have networks in the community they could use to identify referrals.

Get creative

Job boards aren’t the only way to find great candidates for a seasonal rush. Work with local schools, organizations, and associations to find professionals who may be looking for temporary work. Visit retailers with good reputations for customer service, and ask their employees how they found the job.

Teachers often seek seasonal work over the summer break; employees who are already part-time may want to add some hours; and stay at home parents could be interested in working while their kids are at school. There are many untapped opportunities for finding people who want great seasonal work.

Reach out to past employees

Why not ask former employees who have already worked with the business? They’ve been trained, so they are able to start producing on day one, and they will be able to help train new hires as well. These employees have already shown their reliability, and they will probably be even more invested in their second season. Ask if they’re interested in returning for another season. If they aren’t able to, don’t be afraid to follow up by requesting referrals.

Ask for referrals

Ask current employees if they have friends or family who are looking for a few months of work. These personal connections increase the likelihood the referred employee sees their contract through, and the referral can act as a built in reference for their reliability.


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To read more strategies for retaining seasonal employees, you can download our white paper, “How to Retain Seasonal Employees”:


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