Year-End Checklists to Start 2022 Strong

2021 brought a myriad of changes for many professionals, from fluctuations in the market, to shifts in remote and hybrid work, to new HR policies and more. While taking on these additional challengesthere are certain tasks that need to be done before year-end to help start 2022 on the right foot. We took a detailed look at what leaders of teams from IT to Finance to HR and more need to focus on now. 

6 Things Supply Chain Managers Must Do Before Year-End 

For decades, one of the defining characteristics of supply chain management was data-driven, decision-making with a focus on historical patterns of demand. With the many supply chain disruptions and shortages of various materials this year, relying on patterns and data has become increasingly difficult and insufficient. The fluctuating market and myriad of delays has turned the global supply chain on its head in 2021, leaving businesses scrambling, especially while heading into the busy holiday season. 

There are the must-do tasks Supply Chain Managers need to accomplish before year-end to prevent a hectic launch into 2022.  

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Leader’s 2021 Year-End Checklist 

Although healthcare revenue cycle leaders follow a strict month-end process, there are unique nuances to closing out the fiscal year and planning for the year ahead, especially during a pandemic in which healthcare systems have been rattled.  

There are five areas healthcare revenue cycle leaders must focus on to set their team up for a successful start to 2022.  

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Executive Assistant’s Year-End Checklist 

The role of executives shifted this year in reaction to the events businesses faced, from pandemic recovery to fluctuating markets to office re-entry, and much more. Amid the drastic changes business leaders faced, one thing remained consistent: their reliance on strong Executive Assistant support.  

As was the case for entering 2021, business will continue to face a road to recovery and unseen change for the year ahead, and there are seven key tasks effective Executive Assistants can tackle before year-end to ensure their executives start 2022 off strong. 

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HR Manager’s 2021 Year-End Checklist 

HR managers have been stretched and challenged in new ways throughout the last few years as they adapted to support their workforce throughout the pandemic and the many changes that came along with it. Companies relied on HR teams to create plans to keep employees safe and healthy, and to ensure employees have what they need – from emotional support to technical equipment. 

While HR teams have been going 1,000 MPH, as we approach 2022, there are six things HR teams should consider doing before year-end to be best prepared for the year ahead.  

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IT Leaders’ Year-End Checklist 

As 2021 winds down, forward-thinking technologists are wrapping up projects and preparing for the year ahead. From ensuring IT systems are running smoothly to making sure everyone is set up for success, there’s no shortage of things for IT leaders to do at year-end. There are a few things to focus on now to kick off 2022 strongly. 

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Controller’s Year-End Checklist

After a financial crisis in 2020 followed by an economic boom for many industries in 2021, accounting teams and their Controllers must be more detail-oriented and strategic than ever. How they prepare for the year ahead could impact the business’ success for years to come. 

From closing the books accurately to forecasting revenue numbers for the year ahead, there are many critical pieces an accounting team executes at the end of the year that financial leaders should be preparing for now. There are five things Controllers should be focused on now through the end of the year in order to start 2022 strong. 

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