TGIM Guest Blog: Tips to Get Started in Sales


I am very social and get along with a lot of people… which means I should be great in a sales role, right? Wrong. When starting in sales, I assumed I would succeed because I’m friendly, but I realized quickly that being a salesperson does not come that easy. It is a process, where you must prove yourself and your value. If you’re new to sales or just starting out, here are a couple of tips to help kick-off your journey:


1. Be Patient

When I started in sales, I kept comparing myself to successful members on my team. I didn’t understand why they were performing so well when I wasn’t. The reason others are successful is because they have been at the company longer, building strong relationships with clients. Learn from those team members: listen to their stories, go on meetings, and soak in all you can. The first year of sales is all about learning.


2. Exceed Your Goals

Don’t just hit your metrics, exceed them. Make cold calls, come in on the weekends, stay late, be persistent, and focus on building relationships long-term instead of short-term. Once I did that, I began seeing prospects turn into clients. Hitting metrics can make you good, but going the extra mile can make you great.


3. Think Outside-the-Box

Don’t just hand someone your business card — give them something to remember you. Drop off lollipops, leave a funny voicemail, make cupcakes for your client’s birthday, etc. Get to KNOW your clients- when are they celebrating their wedding anniversary, going on a vacation, having a baby? Be there for those milestones: send a travel kit with magazines and sunscreen, show up with balloons at their office, or mail a onesie. Show them you care.


4. Be Open to Criticism

I had never been in a position where I was receiving constructive criticism. It was hard to accept that I was not great ALL the time… but I soon realized that my manager’s critiques helped me grow. When a company provides training, feedback, opportunity to improve, they are investing in YOU. Accept it and start asking for feedback on projects… it will only make you grow and learn quicker.

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