3 Components of a Compelling Post-Interview, Thank You Note

After an interview, it’s crucial to send a thank you note, and yes, this includes virtual interviews. A thank you note conveys more than gratitude to the interviewer. It’s a meaningful way to demonstrate interest and thoughtfulness.

But how do you do it right?

Personalize it. A thank you note will show a hiring manager that you are considerate, polite, and that you genuinely enjoyed meeting him or her…unless of course the note sounds like it’s the twentieth one written that day. A good thank you note should mention specific points from the interview. Did you particularly love a company program the interviewer mentioned? Did you chat about favorite sports teams or music you enjoy? These details not let them know the note is unique and helps you stand out in a wave of applicants.

Thank you, and… Showing appreciation is always important, but a thank you note is also a perfect opportunity to showcase other great qualities. Highlight strengths that were discussed, address any weaker points of the interview, or add any great points that may have been forgotten. Express interest in the position, and reiterate why you’re the right person for the role. Sending a thank you note is a second chance to show your best side. Make sure to write an individualized note to each person you met with, and proofread it carefully.

Digital is okay! Now with many professionals working remotely, an email ensures the note will be received. Curating a personalized, well thought-out email can still make a strong impact.

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