Q3 2021 Award Winners & Promotions

At our company-wide, Q4 Kick Off meeting, we recapped Q3 2021, where we celebrated 50 ReBirthdays (LaSallian work anniversaries) and 50 promotions, welcomed 34 new LaSallians to the team, and achieved an incredible company milestone: hitting the highest quarterly revenue in company history for the fourth quarter in a row! 

The applause continued as we celebrated these LaSallians for the new awards and promotions their hard work has earned them. Congratulations! 

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Q3 2021 Award Winners 

Quarterly Crushers:  

These LaSallians crushed their goals (hence the name!), exceeding metrics, bringing a positive attitude every day, and leaving nothing on the table. Join us in a round of applause for this group!


People of the Quarter:  

These LaSallians went above and beyond to GSD and produce for their areas of business, contributing to a revenue record-breaking quarter for LaSalle Network! Producers of the Quarter and the Back Office, Salesperson, and Researcher of the Quarter earn their titles by having a great attitude, working hard, and being true team players. These people embodied true hustle and are LaSallians to watch! Congratulations! 


Q3 2021 Promotions 

Congratulations to these LaSallians who worked hard to hit goals, develop themselves professionally and take on more to achieve the next step in their careers! 

Want to work at a company that invests in continued growth and development? Apply today! 

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