How to Prepare for a Virtual Internship

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Put your best foot forward on day one by doing these 8 things before you start a virtual internship.  

1. Select and prepare your workspace 

Set your work-from-home experience up for success by preparing a workspace. One of the biggest challenges people find in remote work is keeping a professional space to stay productiveThis may be at your kitchen table or in a home office. If possible, avoid working from your couch, bed or bedroom. Additionally, consider creating a virtual background to use during video calls with colleagues to present a polished and professional image 

2. Set utechnology  

Technical difficulties are a major roadblock in productivity while working from home. While some technical difficulties are unavoidable, others you can plan for. If your employer is providing a computer and equipment, do not wait until the last minute to set it up. Ready the computer and equipment several days before the start date. This gives ample time to coordinate with the IT team on set-up or softwareTest your audio and visual equipment with a friend to ensure they will work on day one. Lastly, if using your own computer, set up a separate folder specifically for work items so they don’t get mixed up with personal files.  

3. Gather supplies  

In the office, you’d likely have access to notebooks, pens, calculators, highlighters, etc. Determine what you need to work successfully throughout the internship. If you enjoy taking notes on paper, make sure you have plenty of notebooks in your workspace.  

4. Go through training and HR materials 

Your manager may send training materials and forms to complete. Read through the information and complete whatever you can before your first day while noting any questions you may have   

5. Re-research the company  

Make sure to check the company’s website, see if they’ve released any new statements about the business and employees, and note what has changed since you were offered the internship. Create google alerts for the company in order to see news about the organizationResearch the competitors and the industryThorough research will help you hit the ground running from the start.   

6. Connect with team members on LinkedIn 

While it might feel unnatural to connect with people you haven’t met in person yet, it will show interest in getting to know the teamConnecting with your team members will help put faces with names and understand the roles everyone holdsBe sure to include a personalized message with each LinkedIn request that explains you are interning at the company and excited to work with them 

7. Ask for pre-work  

Set yourself apart by asking your manager what you can do to prepare for the internship. Maybe there is an important article to read to understand the company or role, or a video you should watch. Asking for this work ahead of time will show organization, preparation, and dedication. Even if they have nothing to give you, simply asking will help leave a good first impression 

8. Create a Routine  

Structure and routine are crucial to working successfully from home. If the organization does not provide start and end times for the internship, set them yourself and be sure to run them by your manager. Decide what time you will get up each day and what your morning routine will be. Be sure to plan breaks throughout the workday to keep your mind fresh and your energy up. Create your daily routine prior to the first day of the virtual internship.


Still looking for an internship or your next professional opportunity? Let us help. 

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