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How to use the Holidays to Close More Deals

With the holidays approaching, it may be tempting to slow down, to think that prospects don’t buy during the holidays, or that there isn’t enough time left in the year to get a contract signed. Whatever the reasoning is, it’s wrong.

In fact, great salespeople know the holidays can be one of the best times to end the year on a high note and make more money. Below are tips to make the holiday season work for you this year.

Spread the cheer. You don’t need to have a big budget to give prospects and clients a thoughtful gift. Have a baking night to make treats for the prospects you want to get in front of and the clients you want to thank. Whether it’s a family sugar cookie recipe or chocolate covered pretzels, the point is it’s memorable. It shows you took the time to do something nice. Your prospects and clients may remember that and call you the next time they need something.

Attend every holiday party you can. There are countless holiday parties this time of year. Whether it’s through an association, a trade organization, or your spouse’s work, go to every one you can. You never know where your next client may come from.

Be available. Even if you’re traveling or attending a family event, consider not turning on your out-of-office. This doesn’t mean you have to be constantly checking emails, but set aside 15 minutes twice a day to check. If a prospect you’ve been calling on all year finally reaches out only to get an automatic reply, they will go somewhere else, and you’ll lose your shot at their business.

Have fun. Get creative with voicemails, emails, and mailers. Have fun! In a voicemail, tell a prospect all you want for Christmas (or Hannukah) is their business. It will make them smile, but still gets your point across.

Write. Do a self-evaluation of the year. Ask yourself the hard questions and make a plan to address them in the coming year. Rank yourself compared to your colleagues. Did you work as hard as they did? How much revenue did you bring in compared to your peers? Rate your relationships with clients. Do they seek your advice? Are they responsive to you? Take the time to think and reflect, so you can approach the New Year with clarity and a plan.

Seize the opportunity the holiday season presents and put the pedal to the metal. Be better than your peers, and have fun interacting with clients this year.