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Lessons from the Eagles: Advance your Business as Underdogs

One minute is left in the game, and the Eagles inch closer to victory. Players continue to fight despite exhaustion. The Eagles punt the ball and send it soaring through the goal posts, taking a 41-33 lead. These underdogs grab their first Super Bowl crown in history.

This stunning victory was an upset to say the least. Going up against NFL superstar, Tom Brady and incredible coach Bill Belichick would be enough to send most quacking in their boots. But coach Doug Pederson didn’t let the opposing top players intimidate. He led his team of underdogs to a championship no one saw coming.  Here’s how your company can, too.

Be Aggressive

Pederson pummeled the Patriots though powerful plays. He propelled the Eagle’s success with an offensive mindset. He made aggressive calls that radiated confidence and left the Patriots in a daze.  When you’re facing off with a well-known competitor, mirror Pederson’s strategy and be proactive over reactive.

“Coach told us last night that he was going to be aggressive, that he wasn’t going to change for anybody,” said tackle Lane Johnson post-game.

It’s tempting to be intimidated when going up against top players in your industry, but you can’t let it show. Like Pederson, fuel your sales team with confidence and take the offensive. Empower employees to take initiative. Instill a sense of urgency to call prospects before competitors get the chance to. Encourage them to bring in business boldly.

The Eagles came out on top through determination and grit when the odds were against them. Train your team to work harder, push through set-backs and take risks, too.

Build Trust in your Team

Want your company to fly like the Eagles? Pederson sent them souring to victory through a culture of trust and teamwork.

Pederson preached, “An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.”

Does your culture embody trust and teamwork? As an underdog in business, it’s important to examine the relationships amongst your team.

Observe your business through a new lens. Rather than focusing solely on performance, look at your culture. Find the people who bring life to the team, motivate their peers and embody your mission. Focus on building them up through authentic relationships and connections. Schedule time outside of the office to strengthen team bonds and foster trust. In addition, be honest about company challenges, progress and goals. Transparency and teamwork will ignite passion in your employee’s and fuel them to achieve success.

No matter the size or reputation of your company, when you enter the stadium as an underdog, don’t let top players on the opposing side intimidate. Combat competition with confidence. Take risks. Be aggressive. Soar like the Eagles.