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7 Items to Bring to an Interview

Hiring managers want candidates to come prepared to an interview; which means more than just showing up with a resume. They want to know candidates took time to mentally prepare for the interview.

Here are 7 tips to ensure you ace the interview.

Resumes: Bring at least three copies of your resume, as there may be several hiring managers involved in the interview process. Regardless of whether this is a second or third round interview, there may be different people interviewing each time; never assume hiring managers keep resumes “on file”

Additional documents: Prepare a portfolio with work samples, references, cover letter, business cards, and any certifications that pertain to the industry. Bringing a portfolio demonstrates organization and eagerness for the role. To impress the hiring manager, prepare everything they may ask for

Prepared questions: Come prepared with four to five questions for the hiring manager. The questions should come from doing research on the company… they should not be questions that the answers can be found on the company website. A few good questions to ask… what keeps you here? What was your career path here? Asking questions will show a sense of eagerness to learn more about the company

Briefcase/Bag: One bag, either a briefcase or professional tote, should hold all belongings. More than one bag can be distracting and appears as if the candidates is disorganized

Pen and notepad: Hiring managers may have instructions and information to remember; write them down… it demonstrates attention to detail and will help with follow up

Photo ID: Many companies ask candidates to complete paperwork upon their arrival for an interview, and most require a photo ID. Bringing one shows preparedness and could help expedite an offer should the interview go well

Directions and contact information: Bring directions and the contact information of the hiring manager. Should an unlucky situation occur, the hiring manager can be informed immediately