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6 Ways to Celebrate a New Hire on Their First Day

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Did your first day at work involve balloons? Were there streamers, signs, music, celebration, speeches, and a parade?

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. But at LaSalle Network, we think every new hire’s first day is exciting. The employee who starts on Monday could end up in the C-Suite 10 years from now, or they could help the company grow in unexpected ways. No matter their role, every new hire should be celebrated! New employees who feel appreciated and are excited about their work will ramp up faster in their role, and they’re more likely to plug into the culture and start participating.


1. Decorate their desk

Go beyond stacking a few new office supplies on a new employee’s desk. Make their start date a celebration, and show them how valued they already are at the company. Make a sign welcoming them, and decorate their desk. The decorations don’t have to go overboard – it can be as simple as a handmade poster, a few balloons, or a card at their desk.



2. Introduce them to the whole company

… or at least everyone in the office or in your area, depending on your company’s size. Walk the new employee around the office, and introduce them to the organization’s different teams. If you have regular all-company meetings, the new employee can stand up and introduce themselves there, too.

They probably won’t remember every name, and that’s okay. But when you make these introductions, you’re showing your new hire and current employees that they’re important to the organization. You give the new employee a chance to connect with their peers from day one, which will likely boost retention: 46% of professionals believe friendships at work make them happier.
Bitsy New Hire Social

3. Share the news with the world!

You have a new person starting at your company, and the whole world should be as excited as you are! At LaSalle, we take new hires’ photos during their first week and share them on our social media to welcome them.

This is an easy and effective way to make new employees feel special and appreciated, and they can also share the photo on their own social media to build their network and their personal brand.

4. Treat them to lunch

Or to coffee, or drinks after work. The team can go out to lunch, or everyone can have a potluck in a conference room.

Pick your poison, but the key is to do something special for a new hire’s first day and to give them a chance to get to know their coworkers away from their desks.

5. Share company quirks

At LaSalle, we’re all about sharing our unique traits on day one: we believe it’s important for employees to know about our company culture, from our big picture beliefs to the little details.

On someone’s first day, fill them in on any “unspoken rules” the company has, and give them a quick vocabulary lesson on any company-specific lingo employees use.

These details may seem small, but they make a new employee feel like part of the company early. It can also prevent them from committing a faux pas that they weren’t aware of!



Team Huddle

6. Explain where they “fit in”

Employees should know what their role will entail before they start, but they might not know how their role contributes to the company’s bigger goals and the overall vision. On their first day, either HR or their manager should go over not only what the employee will be doing but also why and what it means to the company’s growth.

The new employee will leave the office on their first day excited, motivated, and ready to hit the ground running.


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