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Take it Outside! 5 Team Building Ideas for the Warm Weather

With spring here, everyone is ready to soak up the nice weather. This is a good opportunity to shake up your next team building activity and make sure your employees are staying motivated. These are five of our favorite ideas to energize your team, and your business this spring.

1. Sign Up for a 5K

Healthy employees are productive employees. Get a group together and participate in a local 5K. Since you can walk or run, this is a perfect activity for a large group of people, and if the race is on a weekend you can invite friends and family to join as well. Make sure your team rocks their company swag during the race!

2. Sports Game

While not everyone is a sports fan, it’s safe to say anyone can have fun with some beer, pretzels and cheering at the top of their lungs. Take your employees and a few clients to a local sports game. It’s a great way for everyone to connect on a more personal level and build relationships that will benefit your business.

3. Team Olympics!

Host an Olympics Day at the office to get your team amped up. Organize games like corn hole, three-legged races, hula hooping – you name it. Make sure the teams are made up of employees from different offices and departments. This will encourage everyone to interact with coworkers they don't normally work with.

4. Be Tourists for a Day

Send your team out to be tourists for the day! They can visit the top of the highest building, get tickets to a museum or try a new bar. The catch? Everyone has to come back with at least two business cards at the end of the day. This will get your employees thinking strategically about where to spend their time, and maybe even bring in some new business.

5. Intramural Sports Leagues

You don’t need an All Star team to have fun in an intramural sports league. Many cities offer a variety of sports leagues at the beginner level. This is a great way to increase camaraderie and build relationships between employees across different offices and departments. If you have a lot of people that want to play, form a couple teams and create some friendly office competition.