My Journey as a LaSalle Intern

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What did you learn through the internship process?

While most internships might be geared toward undergraduates, there’s no reason your status as a recent graduate or even graduate student should stop you from considering an intern role. As an Experimental Psychology Ph.D student, my choice to intern at a staffing and recruiting firm might seem strange. However, I’ve realized psychology is involved in nearly every aspect of the staffing business.

Opportunities to explore unknowns, gain exposure to different roles, and indirectly apply my psychology knowledge were not objectives I found offered by traditional internships. LaSalle Network, despite not having a specific market-research role, granted me the autonomy to do it all! While I can’t promise the same for every organization, I believe that convincing LaSalle Network of the value my position could add allowed them to respond with an opportunity to prove it. The beauty of an internship is that you come with no strings attached, so you have the freedom to explore new possibilities.

What did you gain as an intern of LaSalle?

Over the course of my internship at LaSalle, I explored areas directly related to my background, but also gained exposure to other roles within the staffing industry that unexpectedly resonated with my major. Although my background is primarily analytical and research-oriented, being exposed to recruiting helped me realize that I want to work directly with people. Becoming aware of this preference now, rather than weeks into a full-time job, is a HUGE advantage. If you’re unsure where your interests and skills might fit best within an organization, interning can help you to figure it out without the commitment of an official position.

Overall, how would you describe your experience?

Ultimately, my internship experience has been one of challenge, growth, and self-discovery. If I had let my perceptions of a stereotypical internship affect my ability to see a bigger opportunity, I would have missed out on a really valuable experience. I encourage anyone, whether still in college, recently graduated, or pursuing a higher degree to consider seeking out an internship. You will discover the value that you can add to an organization along the way.

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