how to increase productivity this summer

5 Ways to Increase Productivity this Summer

With the end of the pandemic on the horizon and the return to somewhat normalcy, professionals may be approaching one of the most long-awaited summers ever. Warm weather, social events, and celebrations are just a few of the many things people are looking forward to this summer. While it’s important to take in the summer weather and enjoy festivities, don’t let the warm temperatures derail you from meeting deadlines and achieving goals. In fact, professionals can use the summertime to help increase productivity – here’s how. 


Build New Connections:
Warmer weather and extended sunlight provide ideal opportunities to network outside, either meeting new contacts or building existing relationships. Tap LinkedIn networks to set up meetings with industry professionals – after a year that we had and being locked inside for so long, more people may be willing to take you up on that walk to get outside. 

Walking meetings can break down formalities, relax inhibitions and better foster camaraderie. Walks and trails typically have a set beginning and end that can serve as a timetable and make for easy scheduling. Being outside also offers better opportunity to practice social distancing if need be. Doesn’t just have to be a walk – get even more active and consider a tennis or badminton match, fishing, golf, or even a hike. Experiences like these will make the encounter that much more of a standout.  


Take a Break:  

The best way to clear a clouded brain is by starting fresh. Walks and “mindful minutes” allow the brain a chance to re-energize while away from the task at hand. This includes meditating – outdoors. Not only does sunlight increases levels of serotonin in the brain, which directly impacts mood, but meditation is proven to help clear the mind and tackle any project with far more focus and energy.  


Volunteering and community service can help reduce risk of depression and ease stress. Aside from the fantastic personal benefits, volunteering also offers ample time to meet like-minded people in the community, learn more about the community, foster a sense of purpose and potentially spark new ideas.  


Ditch the Phone:
According to a study, the average human spends nine years of their life on their mobile device. Oftentimes, these hours are servicing as a distraction, escape or as a way to combat boredom. When working virtually it’s easier to get away with being on your phone more than need be. Try placing social and leisure apps in a separate folder away from productivity apps to aid in self-control or utilize apps like OFFTIME and Moment, which restrict usage on chosen apps and can make self-control more manageable.  


Track Productivity:
All professionals are susceptible to losing focus. In fact, the average human attention span is only a mere eight seconds. Don’t be part of this statistic. Websites like Pomodoro Tracker and Clockify provide free and accessible tools to track your progress, as well as block distractions and provide incentives to stay focused. Tools like these can help professionals set and achieve goals to ensure temptations like warm temperatures don’t derail achievements. 


Try one, or even try all of these methods to increase productivity alongside enjoying the summer months. Any effort spent working on bettering performance is never time wasted. 


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