How to Get Recognized in the New Year


how to get recognized at work in the next year


With the Oscars right around the corner, ask yourself, will you be the next Meryl Streep of your career? Working hard and getting recognized for that promotion?

Channel your inner-star and follow these easy steps to get in the spotlight:


1. Build Solid Relationships



To become the go-to person for your boss, start by building a personal and professional relationship with them. Get to know them, under promise and over deliver on projects, ask for feedback, and offer your help without being asked. Then they will be your advocate and WANT to give you all-star projects.


2. Be Competitive

Internal competitiveness is a good thing! It’s great to want to be better… better than yesterday, better than a coworker, better than a direct team member. It shows your boss your strong work ethic. It’s not that you want anyone to fail! You want them to be nominated alongside you, but you want to take home the award.


3. Challenge Yourself

Over 5,000 actors auditioned for the role of Edward Cullens in Twilight. (2)


When was the last time you really pushed yourself: came in early, took on a new project, set stretch goals? Imagine where your career could go if you really challenged yourself and put in the extra effort.


4. Be a Culture Giver

Don’t be the person no one wants to work with. Be a brand advocate, cheer coworkers on, get involved with in-office activities, and be passionate about the company’s mission! Management notices those that really believe in the company and the people in it.


5. Network Within Your Company

Over 5,000 actors auditioned for the role of Edward Cullens in Twilight. (1)


The same goes with your career: it’s key to network not only outside, but inside your company. The more people you know well at your company, the more they see your strengths and value to the organization. Then when opportunities arise, they will be the first ones to be your cheerleader and talk about your great attributes!


For more information on this topic, LaSalle Network CEO Tom Gimbel shares tips on why you’re NOT getting recognized or promoted at work. 


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