Happy National Fun at Work Day!

Today is National Fun at Work Day, a holiday created by an unknown founder, who knows how long ago. It’s one of the many obscure, entertaining holidays that come and go every year, with little fanfare. Today is also, for example, National Kazoo Day and Data Privacy Day. Go figure.

But we like National Fun at Work Day because we believe the secret to building a successful company or career is working with great people and laughing everyday (in addition to hard work 🙂 ). We cheer, dance, and celebrate daily at LaSalle, so we wanted to recognize this bizarre holiday, and share a few ideas for how you can make your work day a little brighter:

1. Spice up your workspace

Pet Fish

Add a little quirk to your desk. Whether you go all out with balloons or you invest in a pet fish, adding something interesting and interactive to your space is a great way to make your daily grind more relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Surprise a coworker with coffee

Surprise a coworker with a coffeeBring a teammate their favorite drink as a morning surprise, or grab them a caffeine boost in the afternoon. Whatever you do, bringing your peers a small treat can make their day… and boost your own mood, as well!


3. Start a new office tradition

The Alabama JacketAt LaSalle, we have traveling jackets that we give employees when they have a big win. When the jacket changes hands everyone cheers and celebrates the person who earned the jacket.

You can start a tradition like this in your own office: make a certain object – a silly hat or a toy – the team prize, and pass it along. If you can get buy-in from your team and the company, these traditions can be a great way to have fun at work!


4. Have a picnic… in your office

AH Picnic

Having an impromptu picnic doesn’t require that everyone prepares homemade food: all you need to do is coordinate some friends to eat together. We’ve had a few lunch dates on the floor in our offices, and they always result in interesting conversations!



5. Host in-office competitions


Chair races, book races, hula hoop competitions, and more! It’s easy to set up a quick competition during the day, and it’s a great way to wake everyone up and get them moving. Mix up departments on teams so employees meet new people, and encourage people who aren’t competing to cheer their friends on!




6. Dress up your day

Halloween 1

Our office is business professional, but we can get a little more creative at our desks – many LaSallians sport sunglasses, hats, and sometimes capes while they work. It’s a small change, but if you’re having a stressful day, a little silliness can help!

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