Don’t Fall Back in Your Career

As we ended daylight savings time and “fell back” an hour, that doesn’t mean your career should follow suit.  

The change of seasons is the perfect time to reflect and begin thinking about goals that lie ahead. As we enjoy football, pumpkin spice, cooler weather and falling leaves, don’t fall back on your career. Here are 3 ways to advance at work this autumn:


Research suggests 92 percent of people fail to achieve their goals. To break this cycle, it’s essential to set yourself up for success. The key is to back up your dreams with a specific and measurable plan to get there. Creating SMART goals is a great way to commit to your ideas and ensure you see them through. They are based on five qualities:

Specific – clearly define what you are going to do

Measurable – identify exactly what it means to achieve the goal 

Attainable – stretch yourself so you feel challenged, but make sure it’s realistic

Relevant – make sure it matters to you and aligns with your role 

Time bound – focus on a deadline to work towards 

To achieve what you set out to accomplish, create a tangible timeline and hold yourself accountable. If your goals are backed by a structured, concrete plan, then you’re bound to start sticking to them.


Get to know your boss on a personal and professional level. He or she can be your advocate and help you grow. Especially if working remotely, you may need to make a more intentional effort to get face-to-face, like setting up video chatsAsk thoughtful questions, offer to take on extra projects and show interest…also remember, a smile can go a long way! 

In addition, network with coworkers. The more people you get to know at your company, the more they see your strengths and value to the organization. As you work remotely, consider giving different coworkers a quick video call to help maintain relationships. Passion is contagious; celebrate their wins and show you care!


Falling back means an extra hour of sleep and more light in the morning! Take advantage of the extra time to take on new challenges that will propel your success. Instead of taking your foot off the gas, push the pedal a little harder, put in the extra effort and embrace the hustle.

Running on autopilot won’t get you anywhere. The best employees are constantly thinking of new ideas and determining how events or life lessons can transfer to their careers. Don’t just fall back this weekend, get ahead.



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