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Top Motivators and Concerns for the Class of 2024: Insights for Employers 

As the Class of 2024 steps into the workforce, understanding their key motivators and concerns is crucial for employers.

LaSalle Network’s Class of 2024 Insights Report sheds light on these factors, providing invaluable insights to help businesses attract and retain top talent from this new generation. Here are some key highlights from the report: 

Career Growth Opportunities 

For the Class of 2024, career growth is paramount. Nearly half expect a promotion within their first year, reflecting a strong desire for advancement and development. Employers should focus on providing clear pathways for career progression and professional development opportunities to meet these expectations. 

Company Culture and Sense of Belonging 

Company culture plays a significant role in attracting this new talent. A supportive and inclusive workplace is highly valued, with many graduates prioritizing a sense of belonging. Employers can enhance their appeal by fostering a positive culture that emphasizes community and collaboration. 

Job Security and Stability 

The uncertainty experienced during the pandemic has made job security a top concern for the Class of 2024. Graduates are looking for stability and reassurance from their employers. Offering competitive benefits and transparent communication about job stability can help address these concerns. 

Mental Health and Well-being 

Mental health has become a critical focus for this generation. Comprehensive mental health benefits and initiatives that promote well-being are highly attractive to new graduates. Employers should consider implementing programs that support mental health and work-life balance. 

In-Office Perks and Flexibility 

While remote work gained popularity during the pandemic, many graduates still value in-office perks and the opportunity for in-person interactions. Offering a balanced approach with flexible work options and enticing in-office benefits can cater to these preferences. 

  • Career Growth: Nearly 50% of graduates expect a promotion within their first year. 
  • Sense of Belonging: In-office perks have become more important than remote work options. 
  • Job Security: A significant number of graduates express concerns about job stability. 
  • Mental Health: Paid time off for volunteering and mental health benefits are highly valued.

Actionable Advice for Employers:  

  • Promote Career Development. 
  • Foster a Positive Culture.  
  • Ensure Job Security. 
  • Support Mental Health
  • Balance Flexibility and In-Office Perks

Understanding the motivators and concerns of the Class of 2024 is essential for employers looking to attract and retain top talent. 

Want to attract the best talent from the Class of 2024? Access our full report for detailed analysis and strategic recommendations to enhance your recruitment efforts. 

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