6 Tricks for (finally) Getting Noticed for your Dream Job


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There are a record number of job openings out there today, and the perfect one is waiting for you. But how can you get the attention of a busy hiring manager with a lot on their plate? How do you show you’re the perfect candidate for the role?

Here are 6 ways to catch a company’s attention:

1. Door knock

Sales people often go door-to-door prospecting for business; they literally show up at the front door and pitch themselves. Why not do the same thing when looking for work? Identify companies you want to work for, and drop a resume and an application off with their front desk. Few candidates take this approach, but it shows guts and initiative. Companies are more likely to remember candidates who show up at their front door.

Once at the company, introduce yourself to the receptionist; be polite and outgoing, they could pass along the positive impression to the hiring manager!


2. Produce work

Go a step past over-preparing for an interview: proactively do work for the company. No matter what the company does or what the role would entail, there are ways to either do actual work – write a blog post, secure press, or conduct an audit – or just create a hypothetical version of the role’s responsibilities to show you’re able to do them.

Many companies assign candidates work during the interview process… impress them by doing the work first and demonstrating skills and commitment.


3. Create a presentation

Build a presentation to send to the hiring manager. Conduct a competitive analysis of the company compared to its peers; break down their current place in the market and where they could be in five years; or overview the company and explain why you want to work there and what you would contribute.

Building a presentation offers another opportunity to show the hiring manager initiative, skill, and interest in the position beyond the cover letter. It shows the quality of work you would do if hired as well.


4. Make a video

A lot of candidates today are making videos that feature them speaking to the company, explaining why the company should hire them. Job seekers don’t have to be this guy, but a video can add a unique personal touch, particularly if the targeted company receives a high volume of applications.


 5. … or go old school

Send the hiring manager a handwritten note as a follow up to an application. Explain what value you add to the company, and why you want the job.

Keep the note simple and short: it should be added value to the application, not just a handwritten copy of the cover letter. Include a business card if possible, and make sure to add a call to action such as “I look forward to your thoughts” or “Call me with any questions about my application.”


 6. Join their talent network

A lot of companies today have talent networks, which are online sites where candidates can apply for available positions and sign up to be notified when new jobs are available. Talent networks can also include application resources, social media engagement, and ways to learn more about the organization.

Join the talent networks of every company you’re interested in; engage with the companies online, sign up for updates, and put your name into the smaller pool of interested candidates that hiring managers consider.


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