5 Ways Leaders Can Build Culture Before 9 a.m.

Peter Drucker sensationalized the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And that gives you the fuel to hit your goals and stay aligned with your strategy.

Culture is one of the most important aspects of an organization, just like breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Here are 5 tips for getting a healthy, balanced, culture-infused breakfast:

Send a Thoughtful Text

Skip your Starbucks app and send a text to members of your team. Did you see a quote that inspired you? A YouTube video that could motivate employees? Start your morning by sharing inspiration that aligns with your culture. It can boost productivity, spark creativity and engage your staff before the start of the day.

Get to the Office Early

When you’re one of the first people to arrive at the office, you can generate valuable opportunities to build your culture. Walk the floor to see who’s getting a head start to their day. Greet each staff member and spend time with them. If you have ten minutes, pull up a chair and ask what they’re working on that brought them in so early. Use the time to get to know employees on a more personal level. After all, it’s human nature to trust people we feel connected to, and it’s imperative to build personal relationships with your staff to build a stronger company culture.

Say Good Morning

The purpose of culture is not to solely “define how we do things around here,” but to create a sense of belonging among employees. Feelings of belonging are heavily tied with employee engagement and employee retention. Something as simple as acknowledging your colleague’s arrival to work could turn his or her day around.

Get Behind the Front Desk

Rather than retreating to your office, consider grabbing a seat at the front desk. Take client and customer calls and welcome your employees as they come in to work. This not only promotes your culture internally but allows it to spread externally. Employees will appreciate a warm greeting from their leader, and people calling in may be pleasantly surprised to hear an executive on the other line. Taking the time to answer calls and sit at the front desk demonstrates enthusiasm for spreading your unique culture as the day kicks off.

Connect With Your Team

Positive conversations elevate our ability to communicate, collaborate and trust others. This is why creating opportunities for teams to connect and build rapport is so important for productivity. A great way to do this is to have a standing team meeting. Before everyone puts their heads down to work, get everyone up from their desks and engage in encouraging, goal-oriented conversations about what they want to accomplish that day.

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