4 Perks of Engaging Seasonal Employees

Seasonal Employee


Many companies take advantage of seasonal hiring to handle high-demand periods throughout the year. Seasonal employees are defined as “someone who is hired on a temporary basis to address a company’s increased need during a busy season. They may be employed part-time or full-time, but their position typically ends once the seasonal rush is over.”

Because of the nature of seasonal work, it may seem counterintuitive to discuss the importance of retaining these employees, but putting effort into their engagement and satisfaction on the job will pay off for companies in the long run.

Here are several benefits to keeping these employees happy and engaged:

Reduce mid-season turnover

While turnover is expected once a seasonal rush is over, many companies also struggle with turnover during their busiest periods. Disgruntled or underappreciated employees stop working mid-assignment, and employers are stranded.

If employers work to make their seasonal employees feel appreciated, valued, and happy at work, they are less likely to leave the job prematurely. They enjoy what they do, they know the value they add, and they’re committed to seeing the project through.

Ensure higher productivity

If companies invest in training and engaging seasonal employees, these people not only have a higher likelihood of staying; they will also be better employees, and they will produce more for the company. Gallup studies have shown employee engagement is directly tied to performance and productivity.

A small level of investment from the company can result in high returns from productive and engaged seasonal employees.

Set yourself up for next year

Instead of starting the hiring process from square one every season, companies should revisit employees they’ve hired in past years. These people already know how the company’s culture, they’ve already been trained, and they have already proven to be reliable for the full season.

There’s no reason to start from scratch every season; tap into the company’s prior workforce, and ask the top performers if they would like to return to work. If not, ask if they have any friends or colleagues who would be interested in working for the season.

Build brand ambassadors

Finally, when companies commit to seasonal employees’ engagement and retention, these employees can become brand advocates for the company. If they have had a positive experience working with the company, and they are more likely to recommend the company or at least speak highly of the brand.


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