10 Key Hires Your Company Needs Now

As we enter a new era of workplace trends and policy post shelter-in-place, many large companies have begun hiring for a few key positions required for the new normal of work. Many small and mid-size organizations are also making select key hires for certain locations. Here are several essential hires to consider while planning your organization’s return to the office.  

IMMEDIATE HIRES: These roles may not be around forever, but many large organizations are employing these positions to ensure a safe return to the office.  

1. Temperature Checkers 

Many companies are requiring employees to go through a wellness check before reentering the office, including a temperature check. Temperature Checkers are responsible for assessing and documenting the temperature of each individual entering the facility. This person will direct any individuals with elevated temperatures to a secondary location for further testing and allow individuals with normal temperatures into the facility.  

2. Contact Tracers 

Contract Tracers will be responsible for calling contacts of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 to help mitigate the spread of infection. This will be an important role in researching potential exposures and communicating isolation procedures with those impacted. While confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be reported to local officials, companies may need contact tracers to quickly and efficiently communicate with those exposed to prevent a potential outbreak.  

3. Sanitization Professionals 

With the likely increased regulation in sanitization measures, companies will need to add to their sanitation team. Additional responsibilities may include increased frequency of cleaning communal spaces and cleaning or laundering PPE. 


KEY HIRES FOR BUSINESS GROWTH: Thriving organizations are evaluating operations and determining ways to maximize efficiencies. Struggling companies hit hard by the pandemic are considering ways to grow revenue and stay competitive. Regardless of which camp you are in, there are certain key hires in various industries that will help grow business.  

1. Fulfillment Professionals 

With the increased demand on supply chains throughout the pandemic, fulfillment professionals will be in high demand. These roles may include data entry, clerical, phone, operational or manual work. 

2. ECommerce Professionals 

As non-essential stores and offices have shut down, and a large percentage of commerce will remain online for the foreseeable future, ecommerce professionals are an important addition for many organizations. These professionals are responsible for creating, updating and managing product listings, ensuring listings are competitive and optimizing SEO. 

3. Salespeople 

As many organizations’ sales strategy has relied on face to face interactions in the past, inside sales professionals will be in high demand moving forward. This shift in the sales process coupled with the economic toll of shelter-in-place has fed an increased need for salespeople to refill pipelines across all industries. 

4. Cybersecurity Professionals 

Phishing and cybersecurity breaches have increased exponentially during shelter-in-place due to hundreds of thousands of employees working from home on insecure networks. These attacks have become more intelligent than in the past and will likely continue to grow as a threat. Cybersecurity professionals can help keep sensitive company information safe through security and phishing alert monitoring and scanning for vulnerabilities. 

5. Data Analysts  

Business and marketplace trends have changed drastically in the last few months, and many organizations will need to reframe parts of their business strategy. Data analysts will be increasingly important to monitor company data and market trends to inform business decisions. 

6. Crisis Management Professionals 

As offices begin to plan for how their business will operate and how they can keep employees safe moving forward, HR leaders with experience in risk management or leading through crisis will be in high demand. As companies work to mitigate the business effects of the pandemic, crisis management professionals will use their knowledge of governance, risk and compliance to aid in decision making. 

7. Key Executive Hires 

The recent crisis has highlighted leadership teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Many organizations will need to adjust their leadership to properly manage the consequences of the recession or restructure in order to have proper decision makers for crisis management. 


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