Tom’s Tips: 10 Ways to Progress Your Career During a Pandemic

LaSalle Network Founder & CEO, Tom Gimbel, has led our company for 22 years, through 3 recessions, without laying off a single recruiter. While the last few months have been some of the most challenging we’ve experienced, Tom has been our fearless leader through it all. His leadership, empathy, and “tell it like it is” advice has been a cornerstone of how LaSallians have worked successfully and maintained company culture despite the challenges faced.  

We’re celebrating 22 years in business with 10 tips from Tom on progressing your career, no matter the external circumstances:  

  1. Don’t go back to the should never STOP doing the basics. You need to be the best at the basics in order to have a leg to stand on. Creating marketing materials, researching prospective clients, making sales calls and maintaining relationships with customers is what allows you to progress. 
  2. Fight for the job you have. Nearly every industry has been impacted by the financial crisis and doing the bare minimum at work every day isn’t going to cut it. Work hard to contribute value to your team and support your company and realize that no job is guaranteed 
  3. Take care of your mind. Meditate. Talk to a therapist. It’s an emotional time, and therapy has never been less expensive and more available (and less stigmatized). 
  4. Don’t feel bad for yourself, improve yourself! While in the midst of a challenging time it may be tempting to fall into self-pity and doubt. Instead, channel your energy into finding ways to educate yourself and expand upon your skillset. Don’t rely on experience alone, seek out information. There are thousands of free courses online 
  5. Laugh. It takes optimism to remain professional and rational in challenging times. Mind over matter. 
  6. Connect with othersDon’t skimp when it comes to face-to-face interaction. Rather than email or call, request a video conference. The same goes for clients, as well as teammates. 
  7. Be vulnerableStrength comes from honesty, vulnerability and preparation. Have empathy and show compassion. 
  8. OvercommunicateLet your team and manager know what you’re accomplishing. Let your clients know what you’re doing to help them. 
  9. Check your attitudeIf you’re working from home, make sure you have a positive attitude on calls. Look alive. Be engaged. Attitude transmits, even across the internet. 
  10. Seek out feedbackAsk your manager or references what you are NOT good at and take it to heart. There is room to improve. 

With millions unemployed, we understand that progressing your career at this time is no small feat. We’re here to help. View our job board for open positions here.  

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