Push Back Start Dates? 7 Steps to Keep New Hires Engaged

Some companies have had to push back the start dates of their new hires indefinitely amid COVID-19. How can these companies keep their future employees active and engaged as they wait? 

We’re offering up 7 ideas that companies can do to retain their future talent.  

  1. Acknowledge their expectations. A new hire may have already left their prior company to come onboard. Verbally recognizing the impact of pushing their start date back may have on them, their income and their access to benefits is important. Acknowledging this with them can help them to feel seen and understood, even if you are not able to change the situation at this time. 

  2. Ask what you can do for them. Do not assume you know exactly what your future employees need. Talking to them directly is the best resource. Provide the caveat that you may not be able to give them what they ask for while letting them know they are still a priority. The intention behind offering your support will not go unnoticed. 

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